He Is Actually A Girl | She Is Not A Boy Checkout TikTok Video Of College Girl’s Amazing Transformation

he is actually a

It’s not simple to hide your true identity or sometimes even the gender. People undergo huge pain in concealing one’s identity. Often the reasons are to avoid bullying or avoid your boyfriend. Or sometimes you just want to vanish off of the world and find your inner soul. Whatever be the case, as it is difficult to hide your identity, very few were successful in concealing their gender. A curious case of college girl or shall I say what you see is not real as he is actually a girl.

Just few things such as a tank and fake mustache and you will witness an amazing transformation from a beautiful woman to boy next door. Use this trick if you want to be a dude just for a day. Get yourself invited to Bachler’s party and watch what these boys actually do in bachelor’s party. Or be the boy just to hang out with your male colleagues and friends.

if your close friend loves playing video game, I am sure he will definitely appreciate company of another likeminded male. This disguise can be used to prank your friends too.

He Is Actually A Girl

he is actually a

To avoid stares, the college girl decided to run away from the situation. But running away from the problem isn’t easy as you may manage to escape from these issues temporarily. But as soon as you are back, these problems will be still lurking in the dark corner of your life. Rather how about a perfect disguise where you don’t have to runaway, rather stay put in the same place, only change the hat. A tank and fake mustache is what she has used to transform herself into a dude. The tank played perfect role in hiding her gender, whereas, the mustache gave her much needed macho look. I am sure no one had even doubted that she is not a boy.

This transformation is applauded by many users on TikTok where the video became an instant hit. This trending video received millions of views and comments. It’s anybody’s guess whether this idea will be used by other girls (or even boys) but isn’t this a good way to just vanish off of this world and reappear as someone totally different personality.

The most common ask by every other user was for the tank used by TikTok user givemeahollar. Made by gc2b, the tank has played significant role in hiding her girlhood. Amazon has this amazing tanks for just few dollars. These products are famous as women transgender tomboy chest binder. Check out what this amazing chest binder can do, a boon to LGBTQ community.


Chest Binders To Hide Your Gender

he is actually a

Made using medical grade fabric, these chest binders offer comfort and in some cases a perfect disguise. The chest binder has one layer of compression fabric and one layer of cotton lining to offer strong chest compression. Wearers often include mastectomy, transgender, FTM, tomboys, Cosplay, or stage performer persons. Anyone who wants to look flat, feel comfortable, able to move and breathe, this is for you!

Complement your chest binder purchase with a fake mustache. Use it for birthday or parties or even for Halloween.

I used to hate taking off my binder my dysphoria was so bad I would wear it for days at a time lol. It’s fine I got top surgery I don’t do it anymore but I knew the risks. I just didn’t care my dysphoria was so bad.

But I must say, the relief of taking it off at the end of the day is real.

He is actually a girl, checkout this awesome video

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