Having Drink with 17 year old Daughter’s Boyfriend

Having Drink with 17

Here is today’s joke – Having Drink with 17 year old Daughter’s Boyfriend. You will surely burst into laughter.

Father comes home to find his 17 year old daughter in a very odd position playing with a toy. The father couldn’t believe as to what he is seeing.

“What are you doing?” the father shouts.

“Well, you won’t let me have a boyfriend so this is my substitute”, the daughter answers.

Having Drink with 17

The next day night the daughter comes home only to find her dad drinking beer in her bedroom. When she looks carefully, her dad is using the toy up his arse and drinking beer.

“What are you doing?”, she shouts.

The father replies. “Having a beer with your boyfriend.”

Joke of the day – “Having Drink with 17 year old Daughter’s Boyfriend”

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