Happens Only In High Schools How A Normal Looking Situation Takes Unexpected Turn

Happens Only In High Schools

High Schools are full of fun and incidents, some are normal whereas many are quite funny and abnormal. This is a place for everyone, sincere who come to the school to learn new things, expand their horizon, meet friends whereas each high school always a group of folks constantly looking for trouble. Here is what Happens Only In High schools and how a normal looking situation takes unexpected turn.

Happens Only In High Schools

Locker room, normal afternoon and this kid looking for the trouble tries to meddle into other person’s business. Poke him, try to incite him but when none of those trick works, the bad kid immediately starts thinking that the other person is scared of you.

Happens Only In High Schools

Taking other kids silence for granted, the bad kid becomes more audacious and starts physically abuse him.

Happens Only In High Schools

While other students play a role to wait and watch, the cool looking dude finally gives up to the other kids pestering and decides to give it an end.

Happens Only In High Schools

What happens next is unexpected and can only be seen in the highschools.

Next time if you think of poking into someone else’s business, here is a caution, do not take things for granted and mind your own business. Highschool is place to learn and have fun but something like this is never tolerated.

Another example of Instant Karma. And folks remember, the “Karma is Bitch”. High school drama caught on the camera has instantly gone viral with 4.2 million views and thousands of comments has made this video trending and popular on Social Media Platform.

Watch how the entire dram unfolded here

The good part of this story, the other students neither intervene before nor after to save either the bad kid or the good kid. It’s better to mind your own business and maintain your calm. Coming to a drastic situation or taking someone’s side can turn adversely on you.

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