Guess Your number : We will read your mind and tell you your number


Guess Your number : We will read your mind and tell you your number

Ready for the Psychic test. Let's do the magic (here we will do the magic). You guess the number, we will read your mind and tell you the number you have guessed.

Yes, that right, over the internet. Don't worry we can read your mind, no matter what number it is

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I am going to read your mind

Question Image

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Don't believe me? Watch this

Question Image

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Think of any number between 1 to 10

Question Image

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Now double your number (your number X 2)

Question Image

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Now add 6 to your total from previous step

Question Image

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Now divide your total by 2

Question Image

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Now subtract your number

Question Image

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By subtract your number means, using the number you picked at the beginning

Question Image

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Now turn your number into a candy

Question Image

10 / 13

Match your number to the candy as shown in the picture

Question Image

11 / 13

We are ready to read your mind.

Question Image

12 / 13

Was your candy - TWIX

Question Image

13 / 13

Was I right?

Question Image

How much you enjoyed this quiz.


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