Go Big Very Big – Girl Will Show You How To Go Big In Style | Largest Croissant With Nutella Is Best Way To Quench Your Cravings For Chocolate

Want to go big, very big, that too in style, watch this video.

A woman’s passion for Nutella and chocolate is driving the internet world nuts.

Go Big Very Big

Ever thought of beginning your day with a giant (by giant, I meant to say never seen before) croissant dipped in Nutella. I am sure just the thought of it would make chocolate lovers like me already licking the tongue. Welcome to the crazy world of Nutella where we love to go big, very big.

When your chocolate cravings are out of control, no matter how much chocolate you eat, your taste buds always want more. What to do. Emily faced with the same question and her solution to this situation was to go big in style and satisfy her chocolate craving.

Emily’s morning begins with a giant croissant dipped in Nutella, served right in the bed. A Nutella tub and croissant so big that you will need both hands just to hold it. Sounds fun, well, the day has just begin.

Go Big Very Big

After a break, it’s time to eat a giant sundae. Chocolate coated, dipped in suckers and giant icecream balls on top. To make it more juicy, chocolate syrup is dripping from all sides.

Where can you get the super delicious mouth watering Nutella, head over to Amazon to grab one giant tub specially for you.

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Go Big Very Big

Go Big Very Big

By now you have realized Emiy’s craving for chocolate and how she likes to go really really big. Hers and our giant chocolate journey continues. Your larger than life brownie is served on a try. (naturally plate won’t be sufficient) Grab scoops from the Nutella tub if you like your brownie more yummy.

Guess what it’s lunch time. But Emily is not happy with regular toast. A foot-long french toast with half pound of Nutella makes perfect lunch time dish.

In the evening, Emily prefers meter long chocolate chip cookie and Nutella. They say, chocolate chip cookie with coffee is what everyone needs for the evening. Sit in the backyard holding this giant chocolate chip cookie. There are giant fry’s too incase you taste buds can take salty flavors.

Finally as the day nearing to end and given that nothing much is left to eat, how about emptying a Nutella tub straight in the mouth. Listen to the bedtime stories munching the Nutella.

Loved this chocolate filled journey. Emily’s Nutella craving videos are going viral on TikTok. If you too are a chocolate fan, I am sure you will love Emily’s daily routine. But make sure your jaw muscles are flexible to swallow these giant delicacies.

Watch how Emily loves to go big, very big in this video below

This much chocolate in one day. Girl you just lost 10 years of your life an one video. What will happen next, here is the hint


This is a best tutorial how to get diabetes in under a week. Notice, despite eating so much chocolate, surprisingly this woman managed to stay slim and thin. Perfectly in shape.

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