Girls USA Softball League Video Shows That Girls Are Strong And Smart Just Like NBA Pro Players

Traditionally girls are considered as weaker as compared to their male counterpart. As a result, the popularity of male dominated game is significantly more than the girls pro league.

The videos of girls USA softball league plays will prove that girls too can show the same amazing skills as any NBA pro star.


Girls USA softball league

Girls USA softball league video shows that girls are strong and smart just like NBA Pro players. Male dominated games are famous in popularity and rewards over girls pro league. The equal pay protest by US Women’s soccer association or inferior pay to women’s basketball players show the stark disparity in reward structure between male dominated games versus women only games.

Traditionally the women are considered weak in strength as compared to their male counterpart. This notion is fueling the belief that girl’s only games are mere fun than excitement. If you are fan of NBA Pro league and remain glued to your TV screen in the expectation of watching something amazing, we want to show you amazing game plays from girls USA softball league. These play video will surely change your viewpoint towards girl’s softball.

Girls softball is increasingly becoming competitive. Gone are the days when your daughter was only fond of playing with dolls and princess stuff. Girls these days are showing as much strength as boys, willing to risk their life in the spirit of game and these videos prove the strength in the softball game.


Scene 1

Girls USA softball league

After pitching a perfect strike, one would expect the pitcher to relax sipping her one of the best pitch. But now girls are taking cues from men’s sports. Learning how to stay competitive or get that extra edge to win the game.

The catcher was keeping eyes on every corner of the field. After catching the perfectly pitched ball, she noticed the player on second base has made a move to steal the base. Seizing this opportunity, a direct throw from the base plate to the 2nd base was made. The fielder at second base was ready too. She has quickly caught the ball and tagged the batter out.

Girls USA softball league

This shows how decisions made in a split of second can change the game. Traditionally, the girls softball is bigger in size and lighter in weight as compared to the baseball. This makes it hard and require lot of strength to throw the softball far away. The speed at which the catcher has thrown the ball to the second base shows girls too are as strong as boys. This game by far is not less than similar play from NBA pro league.

Sometimes it takes balls to be a woman

Watch awesome game play from Girls USA softball league


Scene 2

After pitching accurately timed ball, the batter has hit it hard and was about to score a home run. But the girl on the outfield was not ready to give in. Not only she has chased the ball upto the fence but also managed to catch it by stretching her arm over the fence.


You can’t make everyone happy.

You are not a jar of Nutella.


Originally posted by ESPN sports, the TikTok video has received over a million views.

@espnSHE STILL MADE THE CATCH. 😳😂 (via dad_farley/Instagram)

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I am sure after watching these videos you too will agree that ‘Girl power rocks’

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