General Mental Health Checkup Assessment To Understand Your Depression Anxiety Phobia PTSD And Stress Level

Life is not easy and when it comes to mental health, many life change or how people surrounding you behave can affect your mental health.

General mental health checkup is a self assessment tool to help you analyze your overall mental health.



General Mental Health Checkup Assessment To Understand Your Depression Anxiety Phobia PTSD And Stress Level

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Is your life on the busy track that there’s hardly any free time to just hang out?

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Despite trying hard, are you unable to break barriers and achieve success in your field?

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Do you feel your friends and coworkers constantly bother you due to your ethinicity?

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How is your family describing you as a person?

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Are people/ friends/ colleagues taking you for granted?

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Does it occur to you that you aren't getting credit for your hard work?

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Do you feel frustrated that you can’t focus on your homework?

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Do you often feel sad and empty?

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Is your work becoming burdensome and overwhelming that you need to handle more than one thing at once?

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Do you feel no matter what you do or how well you do, it’s never enough for your parents?

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After trying hard are still failing to meet your own expectations?

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Are you unahppy with the way you look and feel that there is something more needed to do?

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How do your friends describe your personality?

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Do you feel that this society neglect or sometimes even reject you?

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Do people find it difficult to understand your emotions and feelings?

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Are you obligated to meet lot of expecations by people surrounding you?

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Do you feel that you do get enough privacy?

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Do you always think about your relationship status and that this thought is consuming most of your time?

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Are your relationship with family strained that there are constant fights and bikering with your family?

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Do you sometimes feel like avoiding everyday activities due to low energy?

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Do you find yourself away from the society, lonely and all alone?

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Are you finding it difficult to sometimes reason your own behaviour?

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Are you not happy with your life?

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Do you have trouble in falling asleep?

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Have there been lot of changes in your living situation and it's keep on changing?

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Is your phone taking over your private and public life?

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Are you unable to find good friends and when you finally find one, are you unable to get along with him/her?

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Do you feel that your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s parents don’t like me?

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Are there many occurances when you either feel too high or too low?

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Are you unahppy about the place you live?

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Do you see certain things or hear voices that others can't hear or see?

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How frequently does it happen that you don't like your work at all?

33 / 35

Do you feel that your friends are letting you down?

34 / 35

How do you define your personality?

35 / 35

Are you finding it difficult to spare a minimum 30 minutes daily for exercises?


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General mental health checkup assessment to understand your depression, Anxiety, even Phobia, PTSD and stress levels. Mental health checkup is often referred as GMHT and considered as barometer to understand your psychological conditions. Just like annual physical health exam, it is equally important to know how well your mental health conditions are.


Factors Influencing Our Mental health

General Mental Health Checkup

Our surrounding, friends and family, nature of work you perform are major influencing factors in deciding and often impacting mental health. A balanced and stable mind is important to carry out day to day activities. As soon as this balance tips to either end, issues flood gate opens.

Often person with depressed mind finds it difficult to concentrate on daily activities or lacks pleasure in doing the things that he or she otherwise love in the past. Depressed mind is responsible to harm your personal relationship. The depression gloom and eccentric behaviour as a result of it often impacts your family members. Result, your friends or family members try to stay away from you to avoid any clash or conflicts.


How Is General Health Measured

General Mental Health Checkup

Mental health issues are often classified as Depression, PTSD, Bipolar depression, OCD or Phobia. Depending on your mental health, the psychiatrist will diagnose if you show any symptoms and hence suffering from mental health problems (psychological issues).

If you are concerned about your mental health, consultation with psychiatrist or your doctor is important to understand the nature of your symptoms and diagnose or treat them effectively. Psychiatrist often use CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Psychotherapy or Exposure and Response Prevention therapy.  These treatments focus on main objective – find underline cause of mental issues and once the reason is known, next comes the treatment.


Factors Impacting Psychological Health

Major factors impacting our mental or psychological health are

  • Work environment
  • Genetic and hereditary problems
  • Past trauma or bad experience
  • Suffering from abusive behaviour during childhood
  • Fights between parents leave long lasting impact on kids
  • Lack of confidence
  • Stage fear
  • Fear of falling in love
  • Fear of commitment and responsibility
  • Unstable financial conditions
  • Failure in achieving certain goals in life


How small change in lifestyle or relationships can impact our mental health? Our mental health is primarily controlled by brain chemicals. These chemicals controls the neurons or pleasure seeking centers. Brain chemical dopamine is a hormone associated with happiness and serotonin regulates our mood.

A change in brain chemicals lead to larger issues. These issues are often characterized as psychological problems. The problems are further identified as any of the above stated issues.


How General mental health checkup assessment Can Help

The test consist of 35 questions related to your background, relationship status and overall mental balance. Based on your answers, we will decide if you are showing any of the below signs






OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

Social Phobia

Simple or Specific Phobia

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Narcissism (Narcissistic Personality Disorder)


Bipolar Depression Disorder


Jealousy and many other issues


Take this test to check your overall mental health condition. Should the results show any warning signs or mental issues, we recommend to immediately consult with your doctor or psychiatrist. Review the results of this test with them so that based on your history and past issues a suitable treatment plan can be suggested.


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