Gender Reveal Party Hosted Knockout Theme To Reveal The Gender Of Upcoming Child | Knockout Theme To Reveal Gender Was Real Battle Of Sexes

Do you know what is the most happening topic these days, one may answer Presidential Elections or Supreme court pick or football in the era of social distancing . The correct answer is rampant rise of gender reveal parties. Across the globe this phenomenon has taken every household by storm and become a necessity for all new parents to must organize one in the celebration of their upcoming child. Gender reveal party knockout theme to reveal the gender is this parents way to match this viral trend.

From celebrities to notable social media personalities, people across the world are spending millions of dollars in organizing gender reveal party. Whether it’s to light up Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure or setting up hundreds of thousands of acres on fire, these parties are now occupying the headlines of all major news channels.

These parties are becoming popular as this is an opportunity for the family and friends to gather together and join the new parents in welcoming their child to his world.


Knockout Theme To Reveal The Gender Of Upcoming Child

knockout theme to reveal

As these parties are growing in numbers, so are the creative ideas. Seeing the latest trend, viral pattern in these parties, our parents must be wondering didn’t we give birth to the kids without this fanfare and show off biz.

As we communicate more on social media, it’s increasingly becoming psychological burden to organize gender reveal party before birth of your upcoming child. It gives new parents an opportunity to involve friends and families to share their happiness. The purpose of hosting these parties is genuine however the commercialization is a bad side effect. As goes with any tradition and celebration, the aggressive marketing and social media push is forcing parent to go overboard when thinking of a theme for their party celebrations.

One good way as demonstrated by this thoughtful couple was to arrange knockout theme to reveal the gender of their upcoming child. Battle of sexes was arranged and the winner would let the world know the gender of their upcoming child.


Let The Battle Begins

knockout theme to reveal

Two people dressed as baby boy and girl. The inflatable giant baby costumes were really cute.

A friendly and playful battle began. One time the baby boy was seen to be overpowering other baby, whereas at the next moment the baby girl seems to gain the control. After few minutes of playful tussle, one has to give up.

The winning baby will reveal the gender of yet to be born baby to the friends. As the woman dressed as giant baby girl fell to the ground, everyone thought the parents are expecting another boy in the family.

knockout theme to reveal

But wait, the very next moment, this giant baby girl stood back up and gave final blow to the man in the giant baby boy costume. The winner was finally declared. The flying confetti hallmarked celebration of winner of this competition and offcourse disclosed to everyone that the parents are expecting a baby girl.

Fun filled parties like these uplift the celebration mood. No one was harmed or injured and everyone who attended the party enjoyed novel way to celebrate gender reveal ceremony.

knockout theme to reveal

To all parents expecting a new child, we share your happiness but don’t be overzealous in arranging gender reveal party. Make sure your ideas won’t pose harm to mother nature or to the safety of party goers.

Watch the novel Knockout Theme To Reveal The Gender Of Upcoming Child. By and large, it’s one of the best way to host such parties.


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