Gender Reveal Parties Going Out Of Control | Outrageous Way People Are Opting To Reveal Gender Of Upcoming Child

A well received phenomenon is getting deformed day by day due to social media frenzy.

Gender reveal parties are going to the levels not seen before as many couples are opting for outrageous ways to celebrate gender of their new child.

gender reveal parties going


Gender reveal parties are new fad in the society. Amplified by the social media craze, couples are resorting to any extent to celebrate gender of upcoming child. Surprisingly, people with low income are spending more on these parties than wealthy families. Is it due to socio-economical inferiority or euphoria of having first child. Whatever be the case, gender reveal parties are going out of control.

When you search for the accidents happened by these parties or the incidents occurred during parties, in most of the cases one theme is common, these parties were hosted by poor or low income class couples.

Also in many cases when the gender of yet to be born child is male (blue color), those parties come in news often for bad reason. We say our society doesn’t discriminate between male and female, a boy or girl child is equally accepted by parents. Then why parents are more jubilus and go out of way in spending for those parties when the women is conceived with baby boy.

The social mentality is becoming complex than before.

Gender Reveal Parties Going Out Of Control

gender reveal parties going

Not sure what the couple thought before planning such outlandish and cruel idea to reveal gender of their new baby. A construction crane was called. The crane has hoisted white sedan car to the highest possible level.

Both husband and wife were holding a string tied to the car.

gender reveal parties going

Then the show begins.

On the count of three, both pulled the string thus let of the car held by the crane. The car fell from the height and hit st right to the ground. As soon as the car was crushed, the blue powder stored inside the car burst out thus revealing gender of this parents new baby – It was a baby boy.

Called it outrageous and novel gender reveal party idea, the truth however remains the same. This new social media frenzy has tarnished the reputation of gender reveal parties and pushed it on the brinks of craziness.

Watch how the Gender Reveal Parties Going Out Of Control


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