Game To Get Rid Of Hangover After Getting Fully Wasted | Best Drinking Game Will Shook Your Whole Body After Getting Wasted

Every party-goer has one common fear, whether I will be able to drive back home safely.

Here is a novel drinking game to get rid of hangover after getting fully wasted.


Game To Get Rid

Next time when your friend invite you to a party, don’t be afraid what if you go fully wasted. Who will drop you back home or whether DUI ticket is imminent. A novel drinking game will make sure to get rid of hangover at the same time bring lot of excitement in your party.

I had this at college, it’s only a mild shock but the suspense is the worst part. This machine was invented to create some suspense and tons of fun at your party. The game was quite popular back in my college days.

If you too are looking for this game or where to find it, here is Amazon link. The game is called Amazing roulette shocking game.


Game To Get Rid Of Hangover

Game To Get Rid

Get this gaming gadget and let the fun begin. You need 6 participants for this game. Everyone take your booze or drink as much as you want as this game will help you getting rid of hangover.

Sit around the table with this gadget in the center. Everyone will insert their index finger into the slot. Now press the start button. As you can see the light starts moving in circular fashion. Whoever it stops will get mildly electrocuted.

Game To Get Rid

Best game to play after totally drunkard as this will give you much needed pinch and get rid of the hangover. Another version that can be played with this gadget is find out the liar. Ask a question and start this machine into action. Put testers fingers on the sensing slots of the lie detector, it will punish the liar when his heartbeat speeds up.

How To Play The Party Game

You can play this game in two ways, a lucky mode or the roulette mode. If you have faint hearted friends who are afraid of getting electrocuted or too fearful to play this game, ask them to try the slot with 2 bolts. Out of six only two slots has 2 bolt symbol, rest have 3 bolts. It doesn’t make any difference where you sit and all six slots get same amount of shock. It’s just symbolic to put your fearful friends to comfort and encourage them to join you playing this game.

Watch how not to go wasted game in action


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