Funny BLM Video Will Show The True Life We Live In | Must Buy Gadget For Every African American Parents For Your Collage Going Kids

Black Lives Matter is not a just a movement but true and sad part of American society.

The funny BLM video may give you a reason to laugh but laughing won’t be easy when your heart is heavy.

Funny BLM video



Funny BLM video will show the true life we live in. It’s a must buy novel gadget for every African American parents for your collage going kids. These days the interaction between cops and our society are making headlines across all major news channels. Single incident caught on camera in Minnesota has triggered the public outburst of emotions and anger towards cops.


Black Lives Matter or BLM movement has gained mainstream traction and widespread support across the board. This satirical video highlights the true but sad part of American culture where young black kids these days are fearing for their life, hiding from the cops. We all agree that a change is needed so our society can regain the trust on cops. The healing process may have began and it has a long way to go.

Watch the funny BLM video.


After watching this video, should I cry or laugh now please someone help me. I am African American. This looks funny and heartbroken same time. I feel like laughing but my heart is heavy.  This is a comical way to shed light on what’s happening around. This is the life we live in today very sad indeed. Unfortunately can’t do the quick change gotta face it.

Sad reality. but it’s exactly what happened to some of us every day in the world. Pure comedy, but at the same time true.


They called us snowflakes. Then we stood up & showed them our power. Then they called us thugs & radical protesters.
They can call us whatever they want.
We know who we are.
We are the people they fear because if we #VoteForOurLives they lose.


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