From Clothing Hangers To Life size Christmas Snowflake Decoration Is A Must Try DIY Project This Holiday Season

DIY Christmas crafts are to light up your house from home made decorations this holiday season.

From clothing hangers we will be making very unique yet very simple snowflakes that will spread Christmas happiness.


Holiday season is here and if you too are enjoying the Christmas vacation, why not to use this time to learn new crafts to decorate your home this year. DIY Christmas crafts are easy to follow and can save lot of money on Christmas decoration. Moreover you will get the satisfaction of spending quality time in making these crafts. This episode is dedicated to making fully lighted life size Snowflakes. From clothing hangers to fabulous Christmas decoration that every house must have.

Whether you live in the cold, freezing east coast or warm and sunny Western states such as California, Christmas brings unique opportunity to decorate your home with lighted wreath, garlands, icicle lights and much more. The shiny lighted house helps thwart cold and gloomy December weather. Take out your icicle light string and other lightning decorations you have as we will be amplyfying the look of your house by adding fully lighted life-size snowflakes, all made at home from clothing hangers.


DIY Christmas Decorations

Let’s start collecting few things for our DIY project.

  • Hangers – top of the list are hangers. I bought 50 set pack from Amazon for under $5. When you are at Amazon, sort the listing based on price low to high to find cheap hangers for our project. You can use hangers from your closet too as we will not be bending or breaking them for this project. After Christmas simply break down the snowflakes and your hangers will be ready to go back on the closet.
  • Light String – to light up our snowflakes, we need a light string. 50 or 100 light string is sufficient for one item. Planning to make more, make sure to add as many number of light strings as snowflakes.
  • Zip Tag – these plastic tags will be used to hold the hangers together
  • Cutter – a cutter is must for everything from cutting the packaging to trim extra zip tags.


Made From Clothing hangers

From clothing hangers to

With all things ready, it’s time to get into action. I wanted to make a life-size snowflake to hang to my roof. Something big enough that everyone notice it and won’t get buried under my light string. I used 16 hangers per snowflake. You do the math incase you want to make more than one. You can add one or two extra depending on the size of your hangers. The goal here is to make snowflake shape. The hangers are perfect as when put together forms the perfect snowflake shape. I am sure you haven’t noticed this unique feature that normal clothing hangers offer.

If you prefer something smaller in size, use 8 hangers. Place two hangers facing each other. The flat side of hanger which is the longest side should be touching each other. Here is how it will look. Continue arranging them in this fashion. With 16 hangers a perfect circular shape can be formed.

From clothing hangers to

The zip tags will come handy to tie these hangers in place. Using cutter, trim the extra string of zip tag.

From clothing hangers to

Now is the time to make our snowflakes lighted. Wrap the light string around the snowflakes in circular fashion. Use more zip tags to firmly wrap the light string around snowflakes. Ta da, our beautiful snowflakes are ready to be hanged along the roof line. You can use them both indoor or outdoor.


Christmas Lorax Candy Shaped Trees

From clothing hangers to

Wait, we haven’t run out of ideas. If you are looking to do more, we are with you. Visit our blog for many DIY crafts not only for Christmas but yearlong festivals and special occasions. Ever thought the foam noodles can come handy during winter too. These pool toys are normally leave shelf during summer have now found special use in many DIY crafts and toys.

Here is my tip to all crafty woman itching to make something fancy for the kids and family, get the foam noodles light sabre toy. It’s family playtime and let all Jedi get ready to fight against Stormtroopers, Star Wars elite force. Made of Soft PU Foam. Safe and Soft for Children. ASTM Tested and Certified. These toy foam swords are sturdy yet soft enough which makes them child friendly to ensure safety.

A fun and engaging party favor that is guaranteed to be a hit at any birthday party. Perfect for class plays or playing make-believe games that are great for Star Wars themed events.

Once playtime is over, use these noodles for making Christmas Candy Shaped Trees.

Step By Step Making Candy Shaped Tree

All you need is the foam noodles and colorful tape. Choose white, green or red color tapes matching Christmas spirit. Not to forget, we will need glue gun and hot glue sticks as we will be joining two foam noodles together.

From clothing hangers to

Using glue gun, join two foam noodles along the length. This will give us a long noodle to work with. Now wrap tape around the noodle. I hope you are getting the idea as to what we are trying to accomplish.

Roll the noodle in candy shape. You can use glue gun to keep our noodle in the candy shape.

Wrap plastic around the candy shaped foam noodle. Tie a wooden stick or dowel at the end.

Your candy shaped trees as seen in movie Lorax are now ready.

Here is step by step video in case you need visuals to support your project.

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