From A Normal Looking Tree To Hindu Goddess And From Family Photo To God’s Family This Photoshop Artist Can Bring All Your Imagination True

A digital artist in India is trending for his amazing art of transforming normal photos to depict them as Hindu Gods and Goddess.

From a normal looking tree to Hindu mythological Goddess transformation shows this artist supernatural skills. Take a look at this collection.


From a normal looking

Photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Polarr have transformed how we see the pictures. Some skilled artists and photo editors have made the line between what’s real versus edited images so blurred that we can’t believe on our eyes.¬† Take a look at the this artist’s collection that is going viral and trending on microblogging site. From a normal looking tree to Hindu Goddess and from a family photo to God’s family, this Photoshop artist can bring all your imagination true.

It’s not just one or two photos but artist Karan’s entire portfolio consist of amazing transformations.


Traditional Art Of Drawing Has Been Replaced BY Digital Drawing

From a normal looking

The traditional way of drawing pictures using pencil and color paint is now replaced by digital drawing. The easiness in producing amazing piece of art or comfort of erasing errors with just few strokes is digitizing the art world. What use to be canvas based portrait are now been replaced by digital photo wall. Digitally produced arts cost less money as compared to traditional drawing. As a result, many money strapped consumers are preferring digital canvas over other options.

Time lapse video of Artist Karan creating digital drawing


The photo editing tools and digital imagery however comes with both boon and curse. Almost every social media influencer is now using some or other form of digital modifications of their images. The race to produce a picture perfect image gives these influencers an edge over others and motivates their followers to blindly believe the products they promote.

On the flip side, many digitally altered images are giving birth to unproven fake stories that have overreaching impact on the society. In some cases, politicians were scrambled to provide clarifications that the image or video is fake and digitally altered. Remember the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s digitally altered video wrecking havoc on news channels or former President Obama’s digitally altered photo creating false headlines.

In some countries, the digitally altered photos and videos have even led to riots.

Artist’s Portfolio From A Normal Looking Tree To Hindu Goddess

Photoshop artist Karan is based out of India and most of his art work is focused on local preferences. The billion plus Hindu population in India believe and worship the Hindu Gods and Goddess.

All you have to do is pick a random photo of your child or family picture and send to Karan. Make sure to give him your choices and preferences. Within few hours the image you were dreaming in your mind will be brought to life.

From a normal looking

A boy’s wish to appear as Lord Krishna (Famous Indian God) has been fulfilled. The art produced by Photoshop is just one of the masterstroke this artist can do.

From a normal looking


Never imagined that a photo of vines climbed atop a tree can be transformed to Famous Goddess.


A child standing in the balcony of his home. His parents never thought that this simple pose can becomes one of their prized collection. The artist has not only exhibited his amazing imagination but also made unforgettable memories for both parents and the kid.



A normal photo posted on Instagram has been risen to a new dimension and mythological epic by just few edits and modifications. Isn’t this unbelievable to see your photo transforming so well and putting you to the likes of many famous Gods and Goddess.


A wish has been fulfilled. The father wanted to see himself as the famous Indian warier and emperor Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj holding his son appearing as Lord Shiva.

From a normal looking tree to Hindu Goddess, artist Karen can convert normal photos to Hindu Gods and Goddess.

From a normal looking

A poor migrants family photo shot on normal camera where both poor father and mother can be seen holding their young son. This photo could have ended being part of WHO’s (World Health Organization) or NGO’s website showing the struggle of a working class family. However, the artist has seen beauty in it and wanted to show how the poverty ridden photo can be transformed to the richness and likes of the Hindu Gods and Goddess.

The photo above shows Lord Krishna being held by his powerful Father and mother.



A child’s prayer has been answered. A bedtime prayer to the god has answered by none other the God himself. The child’s photo has been transformed into Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman talking straight to this praying child.



This child’s grumpy attitude has been transformed to Lord Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is famous for his fluffy chicks and tail. Using the natural element captured in the photo, artist Karen has uplifted the looks of this child to the likes of Lord Hanuman.



Birth of newborn baby was already a blessings to this new parents. Now their happiness has been double folded by seeing how Lord Ganesha has born in their family. The son’s face has been transformed to Lord Ganesha who is famous for the fusion of human body and elephant’s head.



From a normal looking

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