Four Seasons Inspired Mashed Strawberries Lemons And Orange Soda Infused Drink For Every Weather In the Calendar

Imagine a drink that is handcrafted to suit every mood and every season on the calendar.

Recipe of four seasons inspired mashed strawberries drink is simplified so you can make one at home.


four seasons inspired mashed

Cocktail lovers are always in quest of finding what’s new on the block. Sometimes the mere optics of a drink can tell lot about it. If you want to judge a cocktail from it’s mere appearance, four seasons inspired mashed strawberries, lemons and orange soda drink won’t disappoint you. As we breakdown the process to make this unique drink, you will surely be motivated to try it at home.

Slice of lemon or orange have long been integral part of many cocktails brewed at your local bar. The yellow or orange looking slice added subtle sweet and sour taste to your drink. Coupled with mint leaves, the lemon or orange slices also add richness to your glass. What’s the fun to sip from a dull looking glass in already gloomy and lonely atmosphere of the bar.


Four Seasons Inspired Mashed Strawberries Lemons And Orange Soda Infused Drink

four seasons inspired mashed

Save yourself a trip to the bar. How about hosting a small party or gettogether at home. Company of your best friends and ever refreshing four seasons inspired cocktail. Show off your cocktail brewing skills in front of your partner. In the end a drink that is rich in content, top scored in optics and meant for every mood and season of the year will be ready.

Let’s jump into action and we will show how easy it is to try making one at your home based bar.

Recipe Of Four Seasons Inspired Cocktail


Few items needed for this drink are

Orange Soda
Mint Leaves
Blue Rio
Lot Of Ice Cubes
hand Masher

four seasons inspired mashed

Any cocktail recipe begins with matching wine glass or flute. Though I missed in the list, first grab stemless sparkling wine glasses for your cocktail. These double walled Champagne Flute are sure to impress your party guest. After all, your friends will judge your style and taste based on what do you present to them. Head over to Amazon to get these every household must have Champagne flute glass set. Once the glasses are ready, rimming the glass is the new wine culture.

If your taste buds can take little spices, dip the edges of the glass in sugar syrup and then into powdered red pepper. The sweet syrup mixed with paprika offer uniquely distinguishing taste. But for many of us that can’t stand the taste of hot pepper, rim the glass with sugar.


Brewing Four Seasons Drink At Home

Ever wondered how strawberries and lemons can elevate your drinking experience. Add two strawberries, a spoonful of sugar and rum. what ease can be better than strawberries to add colors to your otherwise colorless rum. Using hand masher, mix strawberries and rum together. The pink colored rum is already started looking tantalizing. But wait as we are not done yet.

four seasons inspired mashed

Add ice cubes and orange soda to form symphony of pink and orange, a perfect blending of Autumn and Summer season. The wine glass is already showing the Fall colors. Two slices of lemons will give just the transition it needs to welcome the cold and chilly Winter Season. Finally mix your drink with Blue Rio in the spirit of bring Spring season.

Adding Optics To Your Drink

Imagination is the key to make your drink appealing to your eyes. A combination of orange slice and mint leaves are just made to go with this drink. Looking at the rich content that goes into this drink, I am sure your lips are eager to grab a sip and quest your thirst. Well, you are not alone. This one is my favorite too. Whether morning or evening, after office hours or before watching a movie, the four season inspired drink has always found its way to my tray.

The four seasons is ready to be served to your party guests. A drink suitable for every occasion and needless to say all four seasons of the year. A cocktail that’s so tempting and rich in contents, is specially designed to impress you and your party guests. Try it at home and let your taste buds be pampered by it’s disfiguring taste.

We have prepared video of making four seasons inspired mashed strawberry cocktail

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