Forgot Car Keys How To Unlock The Car Using Duracell Battery | Life Hack Showing How To Unlock Car Door And Retrieve Forgotten Keys

When you forget the car keys, its not only painful but a frustrating experience.

Life hack shows you how can you save on lock smith using this simple trick

Forgot car keys how to

Forgot car keys how to unlock the car using Duracell battery. Life hack showing how to unlock car door and retrieve forgotten keys. The modern cars come with smart key fob which won’t lock the car if the keys are forgotten inside. But many older models still lack that intelligence. This life hack is for those who forget the keys inside the car, lock the door later to realize their silly mistake.

Forgetting keys whether car keys or home keys is a common problem. The thriving business of locksmith despite all the modernization in technology shows how common this problem is. Locking car with keys inside is common especially in those living in downtown. The parking is often in the basement of the building. If you forget the keys inside your car and lock it, it will not only deny your access to your car but without the cluster of keys you now can’t enter your home too.

Given that we keep home, mailbox and car keys together, forgetting keys inside the car means closing down your whole world upon you.

Agree that there are latest and best technologies such as open the door using smart phone or keyless entry are available but human nature to forget the things triumph all the development been made.

If you among those who forget the keys often, this life hack will help you in much needed situations.

What’s the life hack?

Forgot car keys how to

As shown by this TikTok user, she forgot the keys inside her car. After couple of attempts to open the locked car door, Duracell AA battery came to rescue.

Forgot car keys how to

After holding Duracell battery near the slot where you insert the key fob, the circuit or the magnetic fields were disarmed thus resulting in the locking mechanism to fail and unlock the door.

Forgot car keys how to

The battery did it’s job unlocking the door. Next time think of going out, do not forget to carry Duracell AA battery with you. Don’t have one, get it at Amazon.

I don’t know the make and model of the car and if this trick is genuine. I tried to lock the car by leaving keys inside, however it did not work as my car door were automatically unlocking sensing the presence of key fob inside.

I even tried googling it, but looks like google searches did not produce results on hacking the car using Duracell or other AA batteries. Again what works for some users or car models in one country may not necessarily work the same way.

If this trick really works, forget about saving money on the lock smith, look at the greater picture. This trick will open access to all exquisite vintage cars or older models. I am pretty sure many car thieves try many such tricks to bypass the car security mechanism and despite investing millions of dollars the car manufacturer didn’t find a foolproof solution to deter car thefts yet.

Whatever be the case, see this user’s amazing life hack in action here – Forgot car keys how to unlock the car.


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