For Aspiring Models Hooters Is The Best Place To Begin The Career Journey. 12 Celebrity Actress TV Hosts And Models Were Hooters Girls In Their Early Career

Hooters has made its unique place as men’s only restaurant primarily due to it’s scantily dressed servers. Call them the Hooters girl or Hooters Waitress, these servers have made Hooters quite famous as “breastaurants”. But do you know, this specialty restaurants have offered many women a stepping stone during their early life. It won’t be unrealistic to say that for aspiring models Hooters is the best place to begin their career journey.

This famous restaurant chain has a huge loyal follower base. Sometimes just to see their favorite waitress or enjoy the pro-league game in the company of girls wearing skimpy shorts, many men let their wallet loose at Hooters. But this restaurant chain has lured many aspiring models and actresses.

Lengthy Waiting Game For Aspiring Model

Hollywood, the mecca of movie production and modelling is one of the expensive place in LA (Los Angeles, USA). Everyday this city attracts talented men and women from around the world. Just like any other career, the process to become a famous model is not easy and often involves submitting profile to multiple agencies. Just like applying jobs at different companies, as a future actress you need to apply to multiple ad agencies and wait for appropriate opportunity.

Despite digitization of modelling world, creating your portfolio, submitting to modelling agencies takes lot of time. For everyone dreaming to become a model or Hollywood actor, the waiting game takes a toll. Until you get a call from the production house or modelling agency, you need to find temporary job to survive in this expensive city.


Aspiring Models Hooters Is The Best Place

for aspiring models Hooters

Hooter or Olive Garden fills this void for you. These restaurant chains are famous for their generous salary and tipping culture. For many Hooters hostess the earning from tip is far more than regular salary. This is the main reason why many famous celebrities have opted for Hooters job at their early career.

Everyone has to start somewhere and several famous and successful women got their start by working at Hooters. Famous models have used their Hooters careers to propel them into a career in modeling.

Just like it’s loyal base, Hooters too has been loyal to its past employees, In many Hooters ads and commercials the models who were employed at Hooters were given preference over others. A win win for both career models and Hooters to show how much it cares for its patrons and employees.


12 Celebrity Actress TV Hosts And Models Were Hooters Girls

When it comes to celebrities and models who once upon a time were Hooters Hostess, notable names such as Naya Rivera, Amy Adams, Bella twins immediately pop-up. But the list doesn’t end here. We have collected 12 famous TV hosts, models and movie actresses who were employed by Hooters.

Amy Adams

The famous “Man Of Steel” or Justice League actress has started her first job at Hooters. At the age of 18 when she worked at Hooters, it was merely with the aspiration to save some money and buy her first car. Amy worked at Hooter for 2 months and saved enough to get a cheap car.


Leeann Tweeden

Famous model and TV host has worked at Hooters when pursuing modelling career. In her early days, job at Hooters helped Leeann to pay her bills while waiting for the perfect modelling opportunity. Leeann lateron became host in Dr Drew TV shows. Dr Drew and Leeann went on interviewing Robert Marbut of the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, which coordinates programs across 19 federal departments, in the Trump administration.


Jerri Manthey

Famous TV series ‘Survivor’ gave a name to its contestant Jerri Manthey. But prior auditioning in Hollywood, Jerri opted job at Hooters to support her modeling career. Jerri acted in Survivor’s Season 8. The premerge for this season was BEAUTIFUL it was so amazing to see all these all stars again. It sort of went downhill halfway through but it was simply an amazing season

– Ethan Zohn
– Shii Ann Huang
– Lex Van den Berghe
– Jerri Manthey


Naya Rivera

‘Glee’ actress Naya Rivera has worked at Hooters in Valencia, CA. During early stage prior acting in Glee, Hooters salary was her option to pay the rent and manage monthly expense.


Holly Madison

for aspiring models Hooters

Have you seen movie ‘The Girls Next Door’ then you will remember actress Holly Madison. Holly used her earnings from Hooters to pay for the college tuition

Now you see how for aspiring models Hooters have been a blessing is disguise.


Alison Waite

Playboy Playmate and model Alison Waite to pay for college tuition

Jesse Jane

for aspiring models Hooters

Acress Jesse Jane from Hooters to adult film industry. She also acted in Hooters commercial

Katrini Darrell

for aspiring models Hooters

American Idol’s singer aka Bikini Girl Katrini Darrell also worked at Hooters before becoming a contestant of American Idol.

Vienna Girardi

for aspiring models Hooters

The Bachelor’ contestant Vienna Girardi to support herself after divorce

Model Samanth Burke

for aspiring models Hooters


Model Terri Harrison

for aspiring models Hooters


Bella Twins

for aspiring models Hooters

Before they became professional wrestling celebrities Nikki and Brie in fact both worked as waitresses at Hooters.


Want to become a model Hooters job will help in pursuing your dream. Next time when you want to try your luck in the glamorous Hollywood, don’t overlook employment opportunities at Hooters. Who knows, you may become addition to these famous celebrities who once upon a time worked at Hooters.

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