Food Addiction Test Are You Suffering From Uncontrollable Urge Of Eating Food Or If Your Eating Habits Are Developing Guilty Feelings

Food addiction is real and cause significant disruption to your efficiency and social relationship.

Person from food addiction often experience persistent health issues and feeling of guilt. Take this test to know how healthy your eating habits are and if there is any sign of food addiction.



Food Addiction Test Are You Suffering From Uncontrollable Urge Of Eating Food

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Do you hide your eating habits from family or friends?

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Do you prefer food that is rich in Fat, Sugar, Carbs or salt

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Despite setting rules and framework to develop healthy eating habits, are you unable to meet your goals?

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Having company is good, but do you mostly prefer to eat alone.

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Have you checked you weight lately and noticed significant increase

6 / 23

Eating chips, fries and white bread, finally ending your meal with chocolate sundae feels like a complete meal

7 / 23

Even after enjoying full meal, do you still have appetite to try different dish just for taste and pleasure

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Do you eat the food for emotional release (does eating food bring feel good moments in life)

9 / 23

Do you often plan for your lunch or dinner including what type of food to eat

10 / 23

Are you suffering from Bad breath and Dental problems and no cure in sight

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Do you feel guity after eating excessive food but still do it again soon?

12 / 23

Do you find yourself making excuses to give in to the food craving

13 / 23

Are you afraid of eating the food

14 / 23

Do you often feel sick or experience upset stomach after eating too much food

15 / 23

Is your choice of food significantly affecting your health?

16 / 23

Does eating food develop anxiety, depression or make you feel ashamed

17 / 23

Does your eating habit or amount of food you eat hinders your ability to work efficiently at your job or school

18 / 23

Do you feel your eating habits are affecting or have reduced self worth

19 / 23

Do you have craving for the famous Grilled Feta Tomato Ships

20 / 23

Is your back pain becoming a daily issue

21 / 23

Are you worrying about not eating certain type of foods

22 / 23

Do you often feel guilty after eating the junk food

23 / 23

Do you usually eat until you do not feel full?


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What is food addiction and is it real

Food addiction test are you suffering from uncontrollable urge of eating food or if your eating habits are developing guilty feelings. Craving for fatty food or uncontrollable eating habits lead to food addiction and a person experiencing compulsive eating disorder often see other issues resulting from their eating habits. As the addiction grows, over the period of time these unhealthy eating habits often lead to depression, guilty feelings and reduced self-worth.

It is important to note that Food addiction is not listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. That doesn’t mean the food addiction is not real. Just like other mental health issues, food addiction affects both your physical and mental wellbeingness.

Your craving for food rich in fat, carbohydrates, sugar and salt may leave high amount of residue in your body. Always eating full

10 Signs and Symptoms of Food addiction

Food Addiction Test

The compulsive or uncontrollable urge to eat the food not because you are hungry but simply craving as a escape from your issues or just feel good is characterized as food addiction. Given that the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) haven’t concluded food addiction as a type of mental illness, the effect of this addiction can be severe just like any other mental health issue.

Person suffering from food addiction or compulsive eating disorder shows below signs

  • Afraid of eating the food
  • Feeling guilty after eating certain types of food
  • Eating the food as escape from anxiety
  • Eating alone away from others
  • Hiding food habits from friends and families
  • Persistent back pain after eating meal
  • Feeling of vomiting or developing sickness after meal
  • Persistent bad breath and dental problems
  • Reduced efficiency at your job or school
  • Persistent thoughts about food

How Food addiction test can help

Food Addiction Test

The quiz type questionnaire is developed using industries best criteria to gauge any signs of food addiction or disorder. Your inputs and answers to the questions can help determine if you meet the diagnostic criteria of food addiction. Craving for certain types of food is normal and unless you develop a repetitive pattern, your eating habits are well within the norms of proper diet.

Based on your answers, if the results show that there are signs of food addiction, you may be already experiencing issues at both personal and social level due to your addiction to certain types of food. Repetitive pattern of excessive eating leads to feeling reduced self-worth and are alarming signs.

Without treatment, someone with food addiction disorder can have their social and emotional relationships affected.

For that reason, it is advisable that you consult with a mental health professional for an evaluation and confirmation of the results, and an assessment of symptoms to confirm they are not associated with another problem or disorder, or if they are due to direct physiological effects from a substance (i.e., drugs or medication) or a medical illness. In this way, a professional will be able to provide you with the necessary tools to help you solve the problem.

Food addiction treatment options

Food Addiction Test

Good news is that the food addiction can be cured using proper treatment. Your psychiatrist or medical health provider may suggest treatment options and therapy such as

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Anxiety and depression medications
  • SSRIs (mood balancing medications)
  • Dietary planning
  • Nutritional councelling
  • Developing healthy lifestyle habits
  • Routine exercises


Adopt healthy and good lifestyle

Drink plenty water.

Stay hydrated.

Enjoy in house activities such as cleaning, sweeping the floor or making your room tidy.

Long walk in the morning and evening.

Like the gym, do routine exercises. Some cardiovascular exercise can bring better change in your life.

Use skipping rope, its a good exercise.

Do you know learning hula hoop is best way to keep your waist portion in shape and its fun too.

Eat at specific time of the day and try to eat with friends and family.

Once you adopt these healthy lifestyle changes, the eating addiction will recede over the period of time. Make sure to strictly adhere the treatment plan suggested by your health professional and stick to it for a longer period of time so the addiction won’t resurface after a gap.

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