First Time Bungee Jumpers Must Do These 5 Things If You Are Scared Of Height | Woman Afraid Of Height But Doesn’t Want To Give Up Is Encouraging

Want to enjoy the thrill of bungee jumping but afraid of height, you are not alone.

As a first time bungee jumpers you will have more questions than answers. Don’t worry as we will show you how to overcome your fear.


Bungee jumping, one of the thrilling and adventure filled sport where you will be free falling from the cliff. Don’t worry as the elastic cord tied to you will help you land safely. Whether you are trying it just because of your friends or want to experience the thrill involved in this sport, it’s perfectly okay to be afraid of height. As a first time bungee jumpers, follow these 5 things if you are scared of height and want to overcome the fear.

We all are afraid of height, scared for our life when it comes to jumping off of the cliff. But somewhere in the mind the thought of trying it atleast once in lifetime takes you to the cliff. But the real fun starts when the harness is tied to you and finally it’s your turn to dive down. That exact moment is difficult to explain. Your mind is full of questions and anxiety, afraid of the height but don’t want to give up on this only opportunity in your life. Those mixed feelings are difficult to put in exact words.

Can you relax, let yourself go off and enjoy the first hand experience of turning the world around you upside down. It’s easy to say than done.

5 Must Do Things For Every First Time Bungee Jumpers

1. Counting 1, 2, 3 and go

If the counting helps you, ask your handler to count upto 3 and push you. Do not attempt to count yourself, rather leave it to your handler. It is better if he can count in his mind and after 3 simply push you off the cliff.


2. Only Close Your Eyes If You Can Relax

Don’t close the eyes because you are scared of height and just want this chapter to get over. Remind yourself of the efforts taken to reach to this point. First, the time spent on exploring bungee jumping facility near you. Then comes the booking. Finally you mentally prepared yourself to give it a try. If you can’t relax, all the efforts taken so far will be wasted.

More you focus on the efforts taken to reach to the cliff, better it will be to distract your mind. Once your mind overcomes the fear, simply close your eyes to relax and enjoy the thrill. In many people’s life, the bungee jumping experience comes as once in lifetime opportunity and most likely you won’t try it again. That being said, why not to make most out of your first and only experience.

If you can relax your mind, it’s better to dive down with eyes wide open and enjoy how the world known to you flips in front of your eyes.


3. Hold Hands Around Your Chest

first time bungee jumpers

Don’t clinch the fist or squirm your body. The nervous mind is the last thing to you want to have when attempting bungee jumping. You have already come long way through, taken lots of trouble and tried to overcome fear until this point. Don’t let your efforts go in vein. Rather breath and try to relax.

When the moment comes, hold your hands close to your chest as this is the best position for skydiving. More you squeeze your body, more the pain your may encounter after your jump. Top reason of accidents involved in bungee jumping is attributed to person tightly squeezing his body before the jump. Adverse effects such as neck pain or muscle pool have commonly seen in people who couldn’t overcome their fear of height.

Make sure not to stay long on the platform as longer you stay, chances are that you may never overcome your fear.

4. Get Ready To Be Surprised

first time bungee jumpers

You are few seconds away from experiencing one of the best moment in the life, why not to make it more exciting. Instruct your handler to count upto 3 but give you a push immediately after counting 1. This illusion is to simply fool your brain so that your anxiety levels will be lower when your handler finally push you.

Let your brain preps for a fall after counting upto 3, but when you dive before finishing 1, 2, 3, you are about to witness best jumping experience without the drama involved.

Part of the thrill of Bungee Jumping is YOU facing your fears, answering the question “Can I or Can’t I”

5. Take Easy On Yourself And Visualize The Thrill Of Success

first time bungee jumpers

It’s your only opportunity and this moment won’t come again. This statement holds true for majority of people who try bungee jumping. Sometimes its too costly or you simply don’t want to try again are some of the reasons why that single jump may be your only opportunity.

Now think of the success, try to visualize it. After this jump, you will be able to boast it to your family and friends. The memories of your solo bungee jumping experience are to stay lifelong with you. Chance are that you will even brag about your solo jump to your kids or even grand kids. So many benefits can be reaped if you can overcome your fear and push yourself to the jumping point.

Every rest leave it to your handler. The handler and assistants at jumping site are trained to handle situations like this and want you to have one of the best memorable experience. Let them do their part while you do yours and enjoy the thrill associated with this extreme sport.

These method have proven effective for many first time skydivers and bungee jumpers. But if you have a medical condition such as Acrophobia, it is always better to consult with your psychiatrist than searching for an answer online. Your medical provider will study past history, background and medical records before suggesting proper treatment.

When all other tactics and encouragement have failed and the customer has been up trying to jump for a long time, then your handler will provide a little additional assistance with a push with your consent.

It’s Okay To Be Afraid Of Height

As a first time jumper, your mind is filled with fear and anxiety. It’s perfectly normal and okay to be afraid of height. Many first time skydivers and bungee jumpers have gone through the mixed emotions you are experiencing before the jump. Here is a video of woman afraid of height but didn’t want to give up.

After reading all the tricks of how to overcome your fear, she has finally made to the jumping point. But the real drama just started. As you can see, she instructed her handler to count upto 3.

But the fear and anxiety was difficult to overcome. She has instructed her handler to count it slowly.

Even that didn’t help. It was a difficult situation whether to submit to her fear and leave this golden opportunity or let go of herself.

Finally, the element of surprise has helped her. You can see, the woman instructed her handler to pretend counting upto 3 but can push her before finishing the count.

As a first time bungee jumper, hope this video will bring some hope and encourage you to overcome the fear.


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