Fight Broke Between Kourtney VS Kim Want To Know The Truth

Kourtney VS Kim Fight

If you are following Kardashinas, by now you may have seen the fist fight between Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ is a popular reality show showing the lifestyle and interaction between the Kardashian Sisters. Fight Broke Between Kourtney VS Kim Want To Know The Truth

Even though things are always changing for the Kardashian family in ways they never expected, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan are determined to remember that family always comes first. Although the family members frequently are at odds, between siblings and their relationship and sometimes even fights.

Kourtney VS Kim Fight

The whole drama began when Kim said “don’t ever dig your nails in me“ and then got slapped like 4 times. I never watched an episode of this show but I’m on Kourtney’s side Kim did hit her first and that Khloe was taking Kim’s side for no reason. As someone who doesn’t follow any Kardashian. I feel like I’m on Kourtney’s side.

But that maybe far from the truth as people closely following this show since beginning knows Kourtney has always been the bully. Always with the shitty attitude, rude comments etc. Just recently she started acting like the victim. Now that her sisters are doing the same back she wants to fight with Kim. Did she get up off her chair, throw her water bottle at Kim and push her? She started it.

Kourtney VS Kim Fight

Some fans have reported that this fight was long overdue, it should’ve happened 2 seasons ago. Kourtney was harboring all these feelings, her last buttons were pressed. Went from zero to one thousand real quick. Kourtney has started it by launching a water bottle at Kim and tried to hit her first. If you watch the full episode, you will see that Kourtney to be blamed as the fight broke because in the clip before the actual fight, Kourtney can be seen throwing water bottle at Kim and dug her nails into Kim’s arm when the sisters were getting into Kourt for not wanting to really do the show but still expect money.

Kourtney VS Kim Fight

Whatever be the case, Kim was seriously hurt from this fight. As you can see the scars, scratches and blood marks on her body after this fight.

Fun Facts and funny moments from the Kim Vs Kourtney fight

  • Can we acknowledge the fact that Kourtney popped Kim so good that her “skin makeup can off”. Kim got slapped so hard half her face stayed on the wall
  • How rich people fight and howcome rich people fight, for what
  • The way Kim bob moved after every slap is giving me so much life like is that a wig?
  • The entire time Kylie Jenner watched and enjoyed this fight as a spectator
  • So is Khloe who did not make any honest efforts to brake the fight

Whatever be the case, watch the entire fight here. Looking at the popularity of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, the fight video has been watched over 17 million times.

Viral and trending video of Fight Broke Between Kourtney VS Kim


Everybody who saying kourtney got her must didn’t see this

If you are looking for more drama, look beyond this show. Sometimes, one may think if the sequences shown in Keeping up with Kardashians are real or fake drama. Whatever be the case, one group of Kardashians Fans made amazing parody of this epic fight saga.

Watch the Parody video of Kardashians fight posted on TikTok. Mind you, this parody video has received millions of views just like the original video. I am sure all drama lover will enjoy the parody too.


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