Few words tagged to an image has gone viral and trending on Twitter. Check this out.

We always hear video going viral or trending on social media but in rare incidents few words tagged to an image go viral. Here is a live example where how few words tagged appropriately can make an image viral. Check out this viral and sensation picture. Few words tagged to an image has gone viral and trending on Twitter. Check this out.

This image has received 165,000 likes and more than 28,000 retweets.

What you see here is a normal picture taken at the grocery store. Nothing special, just an ordinary image. Any guesses, what someone amazing brain see in these grocery racks.

This image shows the amazing power words carry.

8/29/19 was the biggest L in the history of Dasani water. There was a CATEGORY 5 HURRICANE AND PEOPLE STILL DID NOT BUY THAT S–T.

Few words tagged to an image has gone viral

Here are some of the responses –
People chose death over drinking your water @dasaniwater I still don’t know how you recovered from this

Here is another
I’m seeing some very alarming replies to this tweet. Apparently some people only drink Dasani.

Never knew there was all this hate for Dasani water lmao.

Honestly lol I think it’s pretty good the true enemy is Arrowhead that shit is straight tap water

I’ll drink water from the tap before I drink Dasani water

Few words tagged to an image has gone viral

If you drink Dasani just like me and confused about all this chaos, you are not alone. What am I missing ? I mostly buy Dasani. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Dasani brand, its just a famous brand and hence used by the Twitter user. Dasani water contains minerals and other things that are healthy alongwith your water. Bottles are strong and sturdy compared to others. 

Here is another picture where words+Image speak louder than any other medium.

I am pretty sure to summarize the meaning of this picture and say in in a different way, the scholars will have to use tons of words, expressions (mind you, this image carries very deep meaning). But what message these kids have communicated in a crisp and easy manner is remarkable. Just another example to show the power of words can carry.

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