Female Sexual Arousal Disorder Test Is Self Assessment Approach To Know If You Or Your Body Are Developing Related Signs


Test For Sexual arousal disorder in women Is Self Assessment Approach To Know If You Or Your Body Are Developing Related Signs

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Do you have a sexual inability that causes you discomfort or interferes in your interpersonal relationships?

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Are the stimulation that use to turn you on, no longer working on you?

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In the past six month, are you experiencing reduction in sex related thoughts?

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Do you usually avoid sexual activity propositions because of fear of having a sexual deficiency?

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Do you experience pain during intercourse?

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In the last 6 months have experienced a reduction or total lack of sexual desire in a persistent or recurring way?

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For the last six months, have you experienced, in a persistent or recurring way, an inability to have or maintain arousal during a sexual activity?

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Do you usually make up excuses to avoid a sexual encounter because of fear of having a sexual deficiency?

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Are you unreceptive to your patner's attempts to initiate sex?

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Do you have problems with your partner and blame yourself for having a sexual inability?

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Are you scared of sexual thoughts fearing it may lead to a painful intercourse?

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When you read erotic fantasy or recalling own experience, do you feel aroused?

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Are you taking long time to arouse?

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Are you upset or disappointed with yourself by a sexual deficiency?

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Do you avoid situations that you think can lead to a sexual encounter because of fear of having a sexual deficiency?

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Are you lacking sensations or feeling in your genital area during sex?

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Do you experience any sexual inability that causes you anxiety and fear?

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Are you interested in keeping a romantic relationship without sexual activity?

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Has your initiative to propose sexual activities been diminished because of fear of having a sexual deficiency?

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Do you have a sexual inability that causes you anguish?


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Sexual arousal disorder in women is a state of both body and mind when you are unable to arose to sexual stimulation. The stimulation that otherwise you to arouse you or turn you on are no longer working. As the days pass by, you are becoming more and more apathetic towards sex. In clinical language, the female sexual arousal is described as the recurrent inability to have or maintain arousal. Female sexual arousal disorder test is developed to find out this deficiency.

Most common symptoms many woman experiencing sexual disorder is the difficulty to achieve vaginal lubrication in response to an adequate sexual stimulation. Despite trying over the counter or prescription treatment, your body’s ability to lubricate diminishes. This results in more painful intercourse. Long term impact, a constant fear about sexual interaction, fear and anxiety with the thoughts of sex or developing intimate relationship with your partner. Finally, you tend to snub any advancements by your partner, become unperceptive to your partner’s attempts to initiate sex.

The person suffering from female sexual interest or arousal disorder (FSIAD) has the feeling of being dry. Any penetration, attempted penetration, or simple touching becomes uncomfortable. As per DSM-5 guidelines, Sexual Arousal Disorder is a psychological illness. In case of young women, the sexual arousal disorder is often cause of psychological factors such as fear, stress,  anxiety or anguish based on past experience.

How Our Body Plays Important Role

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

Sometimes your body plays an important role too. There are cases where the hormonal problems or injures have lead to person suffering from sexual arousal disorder (FSIAD). Some medications or consumption of drug and alcohol have also resulted in some patients suffering from total lack of sexual desire. It is important to know that similar symptoms may observe in a person suffering from Hypoactive Sexual Desire where a person totally abolish sexual intercourse or even afraid of fantasizing erotic thoughts.

Lack of sex will have you mad at small things like

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Female Sexual Arousal Disorder Test is based on DSM-5 guidelines and will check if you meet the diagnostic criteria of this problem.


Does CBD Oil Work For Sexual Arousal Disorder

The CBD oil treatment is not FDA approved, as a result there is no scientific evidence or trail been conducted to assess CBD oil’s effect in treating sexual arousal disorder in both men and women.

Cannabidiol is a chemical that is found in cannabis plant. According to some publications, it is possible that cannabidiol oil could help treat the symptoms of sexual arousal disorder. However, before thinking of CBD oil based treatment, one must consider the side effects or harmful effects this may result on your body.

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