Fastest Knockout In The History Of UFC Will Give You The Thrill Of Watching The Fight In Person

fastest knockout in the

Ultimate Fighting Championship is not for faint hearted. When two seasoned and professionally trained fighters jump in the ring, each strive for one single goal, defeat the opponent and come out as a winner. Despite all strategy and techniques studied in the book, what ultimately matters is your natural strength and ability to surprise your opponent with completely unexpected. Here is the video of fastest knockout in the history of UFC.

Remember, records are created to be broken the next day. Every UFC fighter will try to break this record and raise the bar. It would be interesting to see how long this record by Jorge Masvidal stays intact.


Fastest Knockout In The History Of UFC

fastest knockout in the

Before the fight between Jorge Masvidal and Ben Askren, no one knew that they are about to witness one of the greatest moment in life, a fight that will shatter records of fastest knockout to set a new one. Before this fight, the previous record of fastest knockout was belonged to Duane Ludwig. Duane has achieved this feast with just 6-seconds.

From the beginning Jorge has decided his move and wanted to land a blow when his opponent wasn’t expecting it at all. I am sure he himself hadn’t expected to set a new UFC record.

When Your Lucky Stars Gather Together Amazing Things Happen

Before the umpire signaled beginning of fight, Jorge was seen standing leaning against the case. His expression were of that shrewd player who has already judged his opponent, weak points and how to make the first move. As the fight begins, Jorge lunged forward with a flying knee. In exchange he found unexpected support from none other than his opponent Ben who has leaned forward with head down. A perfect moment when all your lucky stars meet in your support.

fastest knockout in the


This gave a perfect landing sport for Jorge’s knee and deliver powerful blow. The knee drop was sudden and unexpected. Naturally expected results were delivered, Ben fell to the ground completely contentious. However Jorge didn’t stop there but rather continued lashing out blow after another.

Finally the umpire intervened and saved Ben from further damages.

A new record of knockout in 5 seconds was set. It’s very hard to defeat records like this. But it’s a game afterall where records are been made only to be broken afterwords.

Whatever be the case Jorge found his popularity soared overnight and in the UFC fan’s world he became a well known name earning lots of praises and respect.

Watch the video of Fastest Knockout In The History Of UFC

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