Eyesight Test Using Blurred Vector : Only a Tetrachromacy Person With Perfect Vision Can Pass This Quiz

Human health is important and so is your eyesight. Annual physical and eye exams are suggested to assess your overall health at regular intervals.

The eyesight test is a quiz based exam something you undergo at Ophthalmologist’s office during check-up. We have added a twist of blurred vector which is not available at any eye specialist. This exam is your opportunity to assess vision and eyesight right from your couch.


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Eyesight test using blurred vector. Want to know if you have perfect 20/20 eyesight, take this eye exam quiz. We have used a combination of eye charts that you will find at Ophthalmologist and added vector blur to make this eye exam interesting.

Eyesight Test Using Blurred

Why a normal eyesight rated as 20/20. The significance of using 20/20 term is due to the fact that person with normal vision can read at 20 feet a letter that most human beings should be able to read at 20 feet. If you are seeing issues with your eyesight or identifying colors and color patterns, this exam is must. This will give you an opportunity to test your vision without seeing an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist

The eye exam quiz will also help you to assess the overall health of your eyesight for any potential issues. Beauty of our quiz is, you can play it multiple times. This quiz shall not be substituted for your routine annual eye check-up and if you are doubtful about your eyesight, consult with your medical health provider or an ophthalmologist.

What makes this eye exam different

What is the twist in this quiz : A series of 15 questions are designed to use the Snellen chart to read your eyesight. We have added vector burr which is a special technique and isn’t available at your ophthalmologist’s office. The Snellen charts are gold standards of eye exam and used to measure visual acuity.

Fun fact: A Snellen chart is an eye chart that can be used to measure visual acuity. The name is derived from the dutch scientist who has invented these charts.

Besides regular eye exam, in the Eyesight test using blurred vector, we have also added question to check your responses in identifying the colors and patterns hidden in color code combinations.

As a result, this eye quiz is a level up than what you will see during routine eye exam. The difficulty level is higher. A person with normal 20/20 eye vision and not suffering from colorblindness can pass this exam with flying colors. Don’t be disheartened if you can’t pass the exam at the first attempt. Rather, this may be a warning sign to visit your doctor for through eye check-up. Identifying the problem with your eyesight is first step to decide on the cure and treatment plans.

Mind you, these questions are not easy and will make you think hard. But in the end you if you manage to score higher points, this will surely make you feel proud. Also an opportunity to clinically test your eyesight right at home using our Eyesight test using blurred vector. Save a trip to the ophthalmologist office by simply trying this quiz. Ready to assess your vision using Eyesight test using blurred vector, then go for it.



Eyesight Test Using Blurred

Remember, quizzes and trivia are healthy exercises as they help refresh your mind and give a new boost in the life and not a medical advice or substitute for medical treatment.


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Eyesight Test Using Blurred

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Eyesight Test Using Blurred

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