Eye Popping Novel Ways This Restaurant Is Following Social Distancing To Keep Its Business Alive

Though Coronavirus impact is widespread, the service industry has been hit the most. Many businesses have permanently closed down and many more to follow the suit.

You will be amazed by the eye popping novel ways this restaurant is following social distancing in an attempt to stay afloat.

Eye Popping Novel Ways

Eye popping novel ways this restaurant is following social distancing to keep its business alive. Even after strict lockdown, the Coronavirus infection is pretty much in force. With no medications in sight, many of us are still forced to stay indoor. Every day many of us are waking up to the new life reality such as work from home, kids online schooling and slowly getting use to it.

While certain businesses may have flourished during pandemic, majority of industries ate tethering on the verse of bankruptcies. Work from home businesses such Zoom Video, Facebook, Google, Microsoft have been benefited but major airline industries, Manufacturing, Hotels and restaurants have suffered a lot. With almost 30 plus millions jobless people, US is on the verse of entering the depression phase.

Here is the silver lining. Creativity is keeping some of these businesses still alive. Here is a classic case of a restaurant that is gaining lot of interest lately. It’s novel ways is now becoming the talk of town thus attracting more patrons day by day.


Here Is How This Restaurant Is Doing Business By Still Maintaining Social Distancing

Eye Popping Novel Ways

What is this restaurant doing afterall. Its chef have found a new way of serving its customer. The food is prepared and then transformed in a size of small balls, similar to meatballs.

These food balls are served by tossing up in the air.

Eye Popping Novel Ways

For the customer it is a matter of getting ready and positioned to catch these balls. Without much moving, and with little difficulty you will be able catch all these balls straight to your mouth.

Isn’t that a novel and intriguing idea. If you manage to catch all the food balls, take the victory lap in front of your girlfriend. I am sure she will be impressed by your skills.

Watch Eye popping novel ways this restaurant is following social distancing.


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