Every Dog Has Its Day Dog Exposed Owners Fake Workout Challenge Video | Fake Influencer Shut Off The Video After Realizing The Fumble

Every Dog Has Its Day Dog Exposed Owners Fake Workout Challenge Video. Fake Influencer Shut Off The Video After Realizing The Fumble. The workout challenge is increasingly popular in the days of stay at home restrictions.

Celebrities and social media influencers have joined the workout challenge creating multiple challenge threads such as #dadgod (Dad God), See 10, Do 10 and many more. There the race to show toned and ripped muscles began.

When you are in a rat race, you need to achieve an edge over others. That is where starts technically modifying the videos or adding new dimension that is practically doesn’t exists. It’s not a fault of celebrities or influencers, rather it’s been made in public demand. How many times in the past you happen to click too goo to be true type of pictures or videos. Our natural curiosity attracts us to something unbelievable and rare to spot.

This exact weakness of society has been caught by the influencers and marketing guru. In the quest of enticing people to click the link, begins faking the video or photoshopping images. Here is a blatant case of how an influencer tried to fake the workout challenge, only getting caught by none other than her dog.

Stage was ready, proper backdrop was identified to make this fake workout real. The influencer has carefully thought of steps to make it appear more real. To prop up the authenticity of this video, she even invited her dad to join this fake exercise.

Every Dog Has Its Day

When you watch this video, it appears perfectly normal where a workout enthusiast is perfectly balancing on her hands with her dad sitting nearby reading a book. The tiles on the floor and wall gives optical illusion betraying out eyesight.

All was going well and even the influencer manage to strike a pose balancing on one hand until her dog enters the scene. That;s the twist in the plot.

Every Dog Has Its Day

As soon as dog enters, you will immediately realize the fake stage and how fake this video is. So whe

Every Dog Has Its Day

Seeing this picture perfect optical illusion that has fooled your eyes, I am sure you can’t help but laugh.

As the saying goes true, every dog has its day, this dog managed to expose the fake workout video of her owners. The video, originally posted on Facebook has gathered over 5 million views and thousands of likes and comments. We have obtained a copy of this video (posted below)

In case you are wondering why people are lured to fake the video or add fakeness, the main culprit is to seek that extra edge. With millions of videos and images posted at every minute on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, our eyes are trained to stop only at the catchy headlines or something never seen before.

This exact psychology is driving the social media influencers to add extra touch ups to make their video or pictures appear to be true beyond imagination. Besides, the internet is creating new influencer almost daily. For instance, checkout the TikTok user popskitchen. The user has posted many videos on TikTok but ended up seeing all his videos getting mostly unnoticed like thousands of other videos posted daily. Recently, a simple water melon chopping video has brought the fame and publicity popskitchen was desiring for many months. A 19 second water melon cutting video became overnight sensation and collected a whopping 39 million views (by the time you are reading this post, I am sure the count must have increased significantly). Popskitchen became an overnight star on TikTok. If you want to see this amazing Chefs Water Melon Chopping Skills TikTok Video visit here.

This desire to become famous and influential on social media is driving everyone nuts and so comes the technological modifications. These days almost every famous Many Instagram Influencer is using Adobe After Effect or Photo Shop to make their pictures and videos looks awesome beyond imagination. If you highlight the fakeness of their videos, you will immediately be blocked by them. That shows the influencers in the race for earning money have become shamless and brutal and won’t take ‘no’ for answer.

In case you want to see the comments and Facebook user reaction to this fake workout video, check out the original Facebook post by Paulinho Martins here

Tava tudo indo bem, até o cachorro estragar tudo

Posted by Paulinho Martins on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

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