Even Metro Thief In New York Are Scared Of Corona virus COVID-19

Even Metro Thief In New

Corona Virus is real and the threat that there is no cure available is making everyone go nuts. The so called Metro Pass evaders too are scared of this new virus. Even Metro Thief In New York Are Scared Of Corona virus COVID-19

Gone are the day when the Metro Pass evaders use to jump across the line in one swift second and be gone. Now these thieves have to be more careful

Step 1 : put on the gloves

Even Metro Thief In New

Step 2 : Sanitize the handrail

Even Metro Thief In New

Step 3 : Jump across

Even Metro Thief In New

Looking at the height ended risk associated with “Novel Corona Virus” or “COVID-19”, these thieves are taking longer time than usual thus risking of getting caught on camera. But that’s a thief’s life or shall I say even Metro Thief.

Corona scare in New York even thieves are now immune. See now that the thieves too are afraid of Corona virus, evident from the fact that this video has suddenly gone viral and so far collected over 12 million plus views. Now you know where Costco’s hand sanitizers have gone. These thieves have stocked them out of abundance of caution.

Here is few reactions on Twitter for this video

This is fucking magnificent. There’s a reason it’s the greatest city in the world.

Our man here displayed proper germ handling. Changed his gloves before he touched the surface, and then lysoled the surface, and I loved seeing a perfectly executed jump

This breakdown was just as good as his execution

He earned his subway ride by doing a good public service (subways should be free btw)

If you too running out of hand sanitizers, here is your option to get one from Amazon – BYNNIX Liquid Hand Sanitizer, Moisturizing Disposable Hand Soap Refill-Random Color – 2 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 5)

Watch this creative thief in action, trying to beat the Corona virus scare

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