Don’t Know What Culture It Is But I would Love To Marry Daily If Allowed Or Atleast Join The Marriage Celebration

Don't Know What Culture

Don’t Know What Culture It Is But I would Love To Marry Daily If Allowed Or Atleast Join The Marriage Celebration. Marriages are made in heaven, so far I was thinking this phrase is too good to be true but now I am a believer.

Marriage is pinnacle of relationship and absolute necessity of our society to build the family and keep the mankind alive by giving birth to the next generation. Marriage also means where two totally different personalities meet or clash and try to solve all differences before deciding if both husband and wife are made for each other. The process of sorting out differences involve lot of patience and sacrifices, mainly by the groom. If history is any precedence, I have see many marriages where the husbands crib that I am sober or don’t do late night parties anymore or don’t meet my friends often just because his wife doesn’t like it.

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There is a funny quote about marriages or why marriages don’t survive –

After marriage A man doesn’t like his girlfriend to change, but she changes

A woman wants his man to change after marriage, but he doesn’t

Think about yourself and your spouse and you will find that this phrase is relatable to almost every one’s life.

10 Drunkard Meme That

In my friend circle there are cases where a husband decided to quit drinking or limit it just to please his wife but after a while salvage the marriage just so he can choose to do whatever he likes. Sacrifices are backbone of married life and both husband and wife are doing their part in giving up on many habits just because of their partner’s wish. These marriages have proven to be successful. But what if I tell you there is a culture on this planet where husband doesn’t have to give up on any of his habits, rather wife will embrace a totally drunkard husband and accept him as life partner without cribbing or whining.

Don’t believe it, a marriage video obtained proves it. I don’t know what country or community or sect or tribe follow this tradition, but this is so awesome and wish every part of the world can follow this culture. Think about it, if the husband is getting to do whatever he likes and wife won’t complain about it, why would that marriage fail. Rather husbands would make every possible effort to keep his precious than Mona Lisa’s smile wife close to their chest.

Just share a post on social media telling everyone who nice your wife is and how she tolerates and enjoys your company even after you are fully wasted. Half the reader won’t believe you and rest half will beg for your wife.

Don't Know What Culture

In the marriage scene, the groom gets to drink a sip of wine plus hefty cash as marriage gift from each person who attends the wedding. On an average a marriage with 100 – 200 guests means the groom gets once in lifetime bonanza of unlimited booze plus plum cash to keep.

Don't Know What Culture

As you can see one after another, every guest is giving this groom a sip of wine and dollar bills (or whatever is the local currency). The wife is sitting right behind the groom and allowing this circus to continue. No complaints or grievances. Even the parents of both bride and groom too are sold on this idea as I do not see anyone opposing here. Totally festival like atmosphere.

Don't Know What Culture

Who doesn’t like to marry in this community or culture. I would rather wish if I can be allowed to marry every day. Won’t complain about the choice of wife, rather any woman ready to marry from this community would do.

Don’t Know What Culture or what country it is , but this video is awesome. I am sure this marriage video will blow your mind.


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