Don’t Judge Book By Its Cover As This Beautiful Woman Can Be Your Neighborhood Rattlesnake Catcher Next Time

Never judge someone purely based on their physical appearance especially a woman.

The way women around the world are progressing and raising the bar up high, even a snake catcher profession is now not limited only to men. Very true to say don’t judge the book by its cover.


don't judge book

Feared of rattlesnakes. This scary slithering species of reptiles are dangerous mainly due to their venom. During summer, these snakes can be found lurking in your backyard, by your front door or sometimes even behind the trash cans. Do not attempt to catch these venomous species as their bite can sometimes be threatening. Rather call the professional snake catcher or your fire department. When the snake catcher is as beautiful as this woman, why one should be afraid of the snakes. As goes the saying, “don’t judge book by its cover”, applies perfectly to this amazing snake catcher.

Can rattlesnake venom kill you?

By nature, rattlesnakes are venomous and their venom has been found very potent on humans and pets. Many treatments have been developed to nullify the effect of rattlesnake’s bite on us. With proper medical treatment and antivenin, the snake bites can effectively be treated. However, if you are bitten by a rattlesnake, seek medical help immediately as any delay can leave long lasting effects such as paralysis on you.

As rattlesnake’s venom is extremely potent, always call the fire department or a professional snake catcher.

Beautiful Woman Is A Pro Snake Catcher

don't judge book

Beauty and skills mostly don’t go together. However, we have a case to defy this notions. This professional snake catcher is not only beautiful but quite skillful who knows her job well. In the video below, she will show you exactly how to catch a rattlesnake hiding deep inside the bushes in your backyard and successfully relocate them.

To maintain the balance of nature and food chain, it is important that we should not harm these creatures or simply kill them. Rather catching the snake and relocating to their natural habitat is the best way to maintain balanced ecosystem and nature’s food chain.

Want to try on your own

don't judge book

Catching a snake can be risky and if you haven’t done it already, please refrain for any such attempt. The professional snake catchers use a snake hook.

Checkout the design and functioning of stainless steel snake hook here.


Video proves that don’t judge a book by its cover.


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