Don’t be mean to my child – Monkey Parents too behave like human

Don't be mean to my child - Monkey Parents too behave like human

When mother chides her kid, naturally dad has to come for his rescue. If both mom and dad are mad, then ask Granny. This trending video proves that monkey’s too behave just like us.

In the video posted on social media, a mother finds the older one acting mean to his young sibling. Seeing this unruly behaviour the older one gets punishment. Dad has to come for the rescue and same the older child.

Another user thought that it may be two moms have arranged a play date for their kids. One mom becomes angry seeing that the kid is troubling her child and punishes him. Interaction between the mothers is more verbal, judgmental and socially divisive today.

Well take a look at this video and see what do you think. One think however is clear, monkeys are no different than we human beings thus supports the fact that they were our ancestors.

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