Dog Is Man’s Best Friend Here Is The Proof | Out Of Love To Owner The Dog Pretended To Be Limping Until Owner’s Leg Pain Was Cured

Dog Is Man's Best

If you are looking for unconditional love, just adopt a pet. For little food and very little attention per day, in return your pet will shower you with faith, trust, loyalty and tons of love. No wonder dog is man’s best friend. Numerous stories have already been out there proving this fact. But for the disbelievers, here is another proof. A video showing dog’s loyalty to his limping owner.


Dog Is Man’s Best Friend


Many people adopt a pet for company. Physically challenged veterans prefer service dogs over any other animals. A best friend in need who can accompany his owner everywhere. Offer emotional company to his owner when needed.

Notable blogs states that dog’s don’t have emotions or atleast can’t express from their face. Unlike human, dog’s face doesn’t have many muscles to express their feelings such as joy or sadness. But if you own a dog, only you can guess your furry friends feelings. As an owner, you don’t need to look at his wagging tell just to tell whether your dog is happy or sad. Rather your dog’s face speaks directly to you.

In one case published on CNN, a dog has waited outside the hospital door for full 4 days waiting for his owner to fully recover. Without caring for the cold whether, the dog patiently waited in the hospital lobby keeping eye on the hospital door. After four days, finally when his owner has recovered and started walking to the exit doors, his furry friend jumped with joy and scuttled to his owner. Rubbing his fur against his legs, with the tail raised up high and wagging, it’s needless to say how happy the dog was.


Owner Understand His Dog’s Love Only After Spending Hundreds In Vet Bill

Dog Is Man's Best

Seeing his dog is limping, the old man and owner of this dog was concerned. The visual examination of dog’s paw didn’t show any visible injuries or thorny objects. But even after couple of days when the dog’s limping didn’t stop, his owner became concerned. Already suffering from own leg injury, the old man had no choice but to take his dog to the vet.

The vet too didn’t find any visible signs attributing to the limping of this dog. This has left with no choice than ordering the expensive X-ray for the dog. The X-rays were taken. By the time the X-ray prints were ready, the owner was painstakingly waiting for the bad news. Hardly he knew that there is a twist in the plot, a good twist.

Upon reviewing the X-ray, the doctor didn’t find any fracture or broken bone. Before taking to the next level involving ultrasound, MRI or CT scan and thus putting a burden of thousands of dollars on the dog owner, the vet decided to observe the dog for a day. What he found was really shocking.

The dog was found to be limping only when accompanied by his owner. It turned out that out of sympathy to the limping owner, this dog started limping too. Otherwise, his legs were completely fine. Saddled with veterinary bill, the owner had mixed emotions, whether to cry for the silliness that has forced him to shell out few hundred dollars on X-ray and treatment or be happy to see unyielding loyalty to the limping owner.

Isn’t this a living proof that dog is man’s best friend. A friend whose loyalty and love can’t be replaced by anyone.

Watch proof of faithful and loyalty. I am sure you too will say dog is man’s best friend.

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