Does Your Height Matter This Video Will Explain How Short People Of Hollywood Are Suffering

Does Your Height Matter

Does Your Height Matter This Video Will Explain How Short People Of Hollywood Are Suffering. There are arguments been made whether or not your height really matters. Both sides have share numerous stories as old as how French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte despite been shorter than average French people manage to conquer the world. Same argument continues to show legendary folks such as Charlie Chaplin or Hitler have proven that height doesn’t matter, rather your status in society is purely based on your achievement and accomplishments.

Whatever be the case, short people always been treated inferior. We all knowing or unknowingly are responsible for this behaviour. A tall dark and handsome are still the epitome of your ideal date. A kid below average height doesn’t receive praises as compared to other tall kids in the class. The same behaviour continues with the grown-ups too. In the office or business place, person with below average height quickly becomes target of name-calling and fun stock.

Hollywood is no different. Rather this world’s best and brightest film industry reflects the behaviour of the society and also influence the society’s behaviour by its novel and crafty movies.

The scene below explains how Hollywood too is not immune to make fun of short people. The video below was shot at an award ceremony.

Does Your Height Matter

Two hosts were called upon the stage to present the award. As usual, the award distribution began with small pep talks by both honorary hosts, the only things was one of the host was very short in height.

How the height became a laughing stock for the audience, watch it here

Again, Does Your Height Matter. Person below average height are now use to the mockery in public places and to save the grace they have to nothing but laugh out all the insults hurled at them. They definitely are better off than drawfs and midget who are regarded as clown of the society but not totally out of woods.

There are many reasons that impact your height and mostly it is governed by your heritage and family history. If you parents or most of the members in your family are of average or above average height, naturally you are expected to grow matching their height. So height is hereditary traits. The body science also play a significant role. Hyposecretion of growth hormone from pituitary gland (growth hormone deficiency), genetic disorders can lead to height deficiency, however the occurrences are very rare.

Due to rarity of short people, they ultimately become society’s punch bag and laughing stock.

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