Doctors Jokes N Memes Dedicated To Cute And Good Looking Medical Professionals | Cute Doctor’s Joke And Memes

Doctors Jokes N Memes Dedicated To Cute And Good Looking Medical Professionals. Doctors profession is considered as the best and most coveted career. The respect doctors receive in our society alongwith the plum salary package, generally 300K or above make doctors the most desired bachelors in the dating market.

It’s not easy to become a doctor. Needs lot of hard work, dedication and practice. While most of us are enjoying late night parties, these medical geeks are slogging and studying to save our lives.

These jokes and memes are dedicated to all doctors who work hard to save our lives and sometimes even make it better.


Cute Doctor’s Jokes (Meme)


I am cute enough to stop your heart
At the same time
Skilled enough to restart it


An Apple A Day New Version

Doctors Jokes N Memes

An apple a day will keep anyone away
if you throw it hard enough

Heart Talking To Itself

Doctors Jokes N Memes

We got you something
I love it!
I am going to share it with everyone

(this is how heart cells take Oxygen and evenly distribute to every part of our body)

Surgeon Story – Doctors Jokes N Memes

While performing operation in operation room

Surgeon : Did someone fart?
There was complete silence
Surgeon : I need to know if someone farted. I may have perforated bowel.
Med Student : I farted.

Eye Exam Meme

Doctors Jokes N Memes

This is my favorite one. Eye doctor to the patient after adjusting the focal lens

Doctor : Tell me what o you see?
Patient (cute woman) : A virgin in his 40’s
Doctor : Ok, get out.

The Last Supper

Real heroes of our world

Real heroes of our world


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