Do You Possess All Qualities To Become A Perfect Life Partner Or Are You A Jealous Abusive Careless Person Compared To Your Partner

A personality quiz designed to gauge your own personality and personal traits to know if you can be a good life partner.

As you are looking for many qualities in your date or to-be life partner, whether you too possess the matching personality or expectations are one sided. Take this quiz to know if you are a perfect life partner.


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Do You Possess All Qualities To Become A Perfect Life Partner Or You Are A Jealous Abusive Careless Person As Compared To Your Partner. You have found the perfect person, a soulmate in your life. But does your partner really deserve you. Are you the shoulder on which your partner can comfortably rest, share his/her griefs, treat you more life the best friend in the life.

We all look for tons of good qualities when it comes to selecting a date or life partner. Your life partner must be a good looking, compassionate person who shares same values as you do. A person who can be best buddy, someone who will admire your qualities. A person who will take care of you in need, give you the support if needed and best opponent who can give tough fight in the game against you. Someone so special that you will forget the world and feel on cloud nine.

We keep high expectations our partner

A Perfect Life Partner

Now let me burst the balloon and bring you to the ground. Have you ever thought about yourself, your personalities (both positive and negative aspects) to make sure whether your partner really deserve you. Do you also posses the same laundry list of qualities that you are looking into your partner.

When you have clear ideas and expectations about your partner, the finding part becomes easy. But in the quest of finding the best date, a perfect person to spend rest of the life with, we often forget about own qualities. If we do not have matching qualities, often the relationship turns sour. After initial euphoria of infatuation comes the reality. If you do not have the same matching qualities as you were expecting from your partner, often such relationship ends up in divorce.

This test is all about diving deep inside your own soul, analyzing own personality to understand if you are a perfect person for your to-be life partner.

This personality quiz is designed to understand your reactions to the very life situations that every person will experience in their relationship. The litmus test is know what your scores are and whether you can be a good life partner.

How A Perfect Life Partner test can help

A Perfect Life Partner

No one is perfect and we all are prone to commit the mistakes in life. The real difference comes whether we can learn from our mistakes. Can we atleast become a good person that your partner deserves or we are keeping one sided expectations.

The quiz will analyse your responses to a series of 23 questions. Based on your response the results will tell you if you are mindful of your
actions and respectful of your partner’s feelings. If you possess the qualities not to hurt your partner’s feeling and be the strong shoulder on which your partner can rest comfortably when life is not fair.

The important thing about becoming a good life partner starts with extending your hand to support your partner in every step of the life whenever he or she need it.

Qualities of a perfect life partner

A Perfect Life Partner

Let’s start from the basic level. If we can’t become the perfect person, let’s atleast strive to become a good human being. Below are 10 key points to ask yourself when it comes to deciding your personality as a perfect life partner.

  • Blame your partner for your failures
  • Ignore your partner’s phone calls when you are not in good mood
  • Exploit partner’s weakness
  • Feeling jealous when your partner is happy with other friends
  • Poking fun at your partner in the group
  • Accusing your partner of cheating on you when you are not sure
  • Making your partner feel insecure and sometimes scared
  • Affecting your partner’s mood when you are depressed
  • Gaslighting – making your partner feel doubtful about own senses
  • Making sure that your partner is everytime at fault and he/she accepts it


In today’s world when social media has become a platform to share everything from your success to sad mood, what are qualities of good couple. Again read just for fun

You have at least 100 mutual friends on Facebook.


You don’t like to spoon but you still TRY to fall asleep in each other arms.


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