Do You Lean Towards Republican Or Democratic Ideology The Answers To These Questions Will Reveal It To You But Beware The Results Could Be Shocking | Red Or Blue Quiz


Blue or Red Quiz Do You Lean Towards Republican Or Democratic Ideology

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Do you think you are saving enough for retirement?

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Should people with minor offence be punished under maximum possible penalty?

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How's our relationship with neighboring countries?

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Is political donation same as what lobbyist do to influence government decisions?

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Is America truly the world leader?

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Why do we have Supreme Court?

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Why do we celebrate Veteran's day?

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Should we support our friends and allies in need?

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Is our government doing sufficient for all classes and colors of people?

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Should we as American be responsible for what's happening in the world?

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Are you ambitious but not getting enough opportunities?

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Is our government is just big and bulky than doing the actual governance?

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Should USA legalize use of certain substance just because many people are demanding it?

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What is Planned Parenthood?

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If you are offered an opportunity to work in Russia, will you go?

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What is Cuba?

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Who was Abraham Lincoln?

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Do you lean towards republican or democratic ideology the answers to these questions will reveal it to you but beware the results could be shocking. The election season is here. This festival of Democracy a.k.a. elections occurring after every alternate year with the exception of Presidential election that occurs once in 4 years, gives all American citizens a unique opportunity to speak their mind. An opportunity to voice out our concerns, issues and priorities.

Elections also shape our legacy, what we will pass on to the next generation. As a result every pundit and notable philosopher urge it’s citizens to actively participate in the election.

It’s no secret that US politics is bi-partisan, involves two main parties : Democrats and Republican. Both parties have different ideologies and follow totally different paths. But you as a citizen, a Republican or more Democratic.


Do You Lean Towards Republican Or Democratic Ideology

We have prepared a series of healthy and little fun filled 17 questions. Your answers to these questions will reveal your innermost feeling. You may be thinking that you are a Republican but the results may shock you. It’s always better to cross check if your political affiliation between your thinking versus your innermost feelings match with each other. You may be Democrat at heart, however your thinking, view towards certain burning political issues may reveal Republican thinking.

As usual the quizzes are for fun and brain teasers. It’s always good to know what you are at heart and how do you analyze the ongoing political events.

This quiz will give you a rare opportunity to test your political affiliation and determine independent thinking you may have. Also check with your partner how she reacts to these quiz questions and see if you both have similar ideology and life principals. There are cases where husband and wife decided to separate just due to difference in political affiliation. This quiz can also help you determine true compatibility between you and your soul mate.

Not what you were expecting. Take the test again and see if the results are any different. Again, this test is not to change your political affiliation or inclination, just for fun and nothing more than that.

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