Do You Have Colon Cancer This Self Assessment Quiz Will Determine If You Show Any Clinical Signs Of Colon Cancer

Cancer mostly occurring in men’s rectal area can sometimes be deadly and life threatening.

Detecting Colon Cancer at early stage is most important to treat this cancer completely. Colon Cancer Self Assessment Quiz help you detect any early warning signs.



Colon Cancer Self Assessment Test

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Is there reddish tinge found in your stool (presence of blood like substance)?

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Have you recently stopped going out for walk (or exercises)?

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Do you feel hungry but unable to eat?

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Are you experiencing symptoms such as Nausea or Vomiting?

5 / 15

Assuming you are suffering from abdominal pain, how would you rate your pain level

6 / 15

Have you seen significant loss in your weight?

7 / 15

Is fatigue affecting your ability to perform day to day activities

8 / 15

In the past six month is there pattern of constantly decreasing appetite?

9 / 15

What is your age?

10 / 15

Are you suffering from acute abdominal pain?

11 / 15

When you look in the mirror, does your face appear becoming pale?

12 / 15

Are you feeling tired to take up any new activity?

13 / 15

Is the color of your skin changing to a lighter tone?

14 / 15

Even after visiting toilet, do you feel that the bowel does not empty completely?

15 / 15

Are you experiencing diarrhea and constipation?


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Colon Cancer is mostly observed in men and detected in the lower end of digestive tract. Person of age 50 or over are considered as high risk patients who are likely to develop this form of cancer than young adults. This is the reason why your primary care practitioner will suggest regular screening to detect any early signs of polyp formation. Person 50 years and older must follow doctor’s advice and undergo regular screening as detection of illnesses at the early stage improves your chances of eradicating cancer tissues completely.

Take this quiz to know if you show any Colon Cancer signs and symptoms.

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