Do Not Sneeze During Hair Cut Else This is What Happens | Hilarious Hair Cut Video Shows Effect Of Sneezing

Hair Salons and Beauty salons have proven to be more than essential during quarantine.

Funny stories show how people have used quarantine day lockdown to their advantage.

4 Quarantine day funny stories worth reading and burst you into happy smile.


Do not sneeze during hair cut

Do not sneeze during hair cut else this is what happens. Hilarious hair cut video shows effect on your hairstyle when you accidentally sneeze in the middle of the job. We all are shouting loud to open up the country, beauty salons, beaches. People are loosing hair over not getting the haircut, manicure or pedicure.

Given that some states have slowly started opening up, allowing essential services to remain open during first phase of opening cycle. you may be rushing to the hair salon to get your exterior fixed. Get a nice hair cut you were missing for many months, facial, pampering your hands and legs and much more.

Since you haven’t been to beauty salon for many months, the dust filled hair atmosphere may not suit you and chances are high that you may sneeze feeling the tangling sense in your nose. Will it impact your hair cut, will it lead to unforgettable accidents, let’s find out.

Do not sneeze during hair cut

Now that your have settled in the swiveling chair at the hair salon, instructed the salon person how you would like your haircut to be and suddenly you sneeze.

Do not sneeze during hair cut


After the clipper has done its job, now you realize what your perfectly timed sneeze can do. Silver lining is that still the offices are closed and until the complete lockdown is lifted you may grow your hair back to normal.

For those who were thinking their wife was doing awful job and received horrible quarantine day haircut, what will you call this one received from a professional hairstylist.

Do not sneeze during hair cut

Well, the results are sure going to be traumatic. Far from worse as the clipper was in action and it doesn’t know that you suddenly shifted your positions. Accidents are bound to happen. Same funny incident was recorded on the camera and posted online on social media where the clipper was in full force and suddenly the customer sneezed. The clipper didn’t stop and did a perfect job.


Lesson learnt – Do not sneeze during hair cut else this is what happens.

How to give a perfect Quarantine Day haircut to your wife

When you love your wife much, you like to take care of her hair and hairstyle. Stay at home mandate has closed down the beauty salons, so naturally its upto you how to upkeep and tidy up your wife’s look, her hair and hair style.

Japanese people are creative and with novel ideas they have proven to be far superior compared to others. Take example of Honda robots or Droid developed in the lab that looks and acts just like human.

How to use your tactical thinking in giving a nice haircut to your wife. We here is the idea. Measurement is the key and you don’t want to trim one side shorter than the other. To make the measurement proper and even from all sides, this Japanese husband has used table fan to level his wife’s hair.

Once they are leveled up from all sides, the hair cut was a cinch, a mere formality. For those who are struggling with the haircut or running out of ideas how to properly cut the hair, use your imagination and make use of tools available to you.


Making your husband get rid of his beard, here is the trick

Closed hair salons have proven to be a boon for many others. Especially for the girlfriend who wanted to bring some changes on her boyfriend’s overall look.

Now that the salons are closed, you are at the mercy of your family members ( unmarried people are dependent on their partner), what if your girlfriend seized this opportunity to try her wild imagination on you. Results, fabulous and once in lifetime haircut.

Men Are Really Stupid

Now here is anther side of it. Take a look at this wife’s awesome way to get rid of her husbands poking beard forever. Beard has long been considered as a sign of macho looks. Many men like this rough and tough look the beard gives. But what about your wife.

She may not like the always poking hairy beard on your face. Soon the beard grows out of spiral that she doesn’t even remember your face.

While you may be enjoying your new macho looks, where as your family members aren’t. After telling you to get rid of the beard, what if you  simply ignore them. Don’t think that your wife doesn’t have other ways and means, simply don’t take chances.

The Plot unfolded

Then there is another category of men who simply won;t shave. Given the offices remain close during quarantine, there is not need to be presentable. Naturally you tend to become lazy to shave regularly. Don’t think your wife is not observing it.

This wife tired of her husband’s extra grown beard, decide to take the matter in her hand and do something quick but radical. While  the husband was catching afternoon nap, she had a brilliant idea. Grab the clipper (which these days come handy given that the beauty salons are closed) and wroom!….

One quick trim by the clipper has done its job. The husband immediately realized the attack on his beard. While the wife ran to the bedroom and locked it on him for safety, the man ran to the bathroom to check the new and modified looks. Seeing the half cut beard, I am sure he had no choice but to shave.

Brilliant hack by his wife. Never underestimate the brain of your lady as you are bound for many more surprises to come.

Watch this wife’s trick to get rid of her husband’s over grown beard in one go. Who says clipper doesn’t do the job. Is that quarantine day brilliant haircut or shall I say quarantine day brilliant beard cut


Do not sneeze during hair cut.

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