Do Not Share These Jokes About Girls With Your Girlfriend Else You Will Have Break Up

Do Not Share These Jokes About Girls With Your Girlfriend Else You Will Have Break Up. The jokes are for fun and laughter, a break from stressful routine. Moment away from your routine so you can laugh and catch a break. Relax and enjoy these jokes About Girls.

# Isn’t this an ideal conversation between boy and girl made for each other

Girl : Ah, finally. This is the moment!

Boy: Will you leave me?

Girl: No, why?

Boy: Do you love me?

Girl: Yes, a lot!

Boy: Have you ever cheated me?

Girl: No, why are you asking this?

Boy: Will you kiss me?

Girl: Everytime, I get a chance.

Boy: Will you ever hit me?

Girl: Are you crazy? Of course not!

Boy: Can I trust you?

Girl: Yes

Boy: Darling

# You know that’s not real. Now read it backwords for a real life story


# Corona Joke

I Wish Coronavirus Was Found In MakeUps



It’s during beautiful moments like this

that your girlfriend suddenly asks, “So who’s Nicole?”

Do Not Share These

Do Not Share These Jokes About Girls

# Marriage vows

Do Not Share These

Marriage vows should include….

‘Do you promise to always help him find his stuff that’s right in front of him?

Because you’ll be doing that forever.


# Rice and Meat or Nice and Meet

Please guys is it rice to marry someone you meat on Facebook?


# Original eyebrows


How many can say proudly I have original eyebrows???

# Don’t say all he wanted was ….

Don’t say all he wanted was just intimate relationship

Don’t say you gave him all the s..x

Did you ever try to offer money or

Your father’s land or

may be a goat or two.


# Stay At Home Joke


My Wife and I went to the Supermarket. Of course, we had our FaceMasks and gloves on.
When we got there, there were too many people.

I then decided that we had to leave immediately,and pulled my Wife to Go Home afraid that we might catch the virus…

But, my wife wanted me to let go of her and did not want to go Home..!

OMG! Stubborn as always!

I literally had to drag her back into the car.

In the Car, she ignored me and was furious…

When we arrived Home and removed our Face masks… She was not my Wife….


# I guarantee you are a racist

Do Not Share These

Do Not Share These Jokes About Girls

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