Do Not Become Angry Because Your Pug Is Farting Constantly Rather Use This Trick To Control Your Frustration

Do Not Become Angry Because Your Pug Is Farting Constantly Rather Use This Trick To Control Your Frustration. We are stayed put at home due to ongoing lockdown. The sudden change in the life style can irate you. The frustration of constantly staying at home can affect our mental health but there are many people who are effectively coping with it.

Do Not Become Angry

In the stage where we can not meet our friends or enjoy change of place to change otherwise downbeat mood, it is natural to become irritated and agitated. Let’s not forget that it’s not just you but your entire family is going through the same situation. If we loose the balance and vent out our anger for small things, soon the house will become unbearable place for every member of your family to stay.

We are compromising at multiple fronts and due to the very restrictive lifestyle, our brain may experience chemical imbalance, a stage in psychiatric term that can lead you to temporary depression. A controlled behaviour with ability to ignore small inconveniences is the need of this hour. If you can’t fight with the sudden change in lifestyle, you will be pushing yourself to depression. A stage that need to controlled medically using antidepressant such as Wellbutrin. But if you can slightly twist your virtue of looking at the things, you will soon be able to scoff of many trivial issues that can otherwise irritate you. For example, take a look at this TikTok user. In the lack of routine exercises and daily walk, his pug became gassy and started passing out the gas more than usual. The bad odor of fart can irritate anyone, however this TikTok user gave a whole new angle to this situation. Rather than becoming angry at his furry friend, he decided to make a fun out of it.

Do Not Become Angry

A novel idea was born. He took a balloon and attach to the pug’s rear end. As the pug continued passing the gas, the balloon started inflating. The pug must have been feeling really uneasy. Look at the size of balloon as in few second the balloon inflated fully.

Do Not Become Angry

Message is simple, do not become angry because your pug or dog is farting, take a different look and you will learn to diffuse the situation for good

This shows how an otherwise frustrating situation suddenly can become full of fun. Watch this video and I promise you will cry will laughter.

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A very nice trick to how to control your anger and depression. Very important life lesson that everyone to follow. Besides, this video can tell you what people like. Video with positive message is always appreciated by netizens and can make such ideas viral and trending in no time. Use this forced quarantine vacation to find similar unique idea and share on social media platform. Any good idea gets lots of attention and favorable feedback.

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