DIY Turn Yourself Into Minion Using Toilet Paper Roll | Become One Eyed Minion Using Toilet Paper Rolls At Home

Despicable Me movie series became popular mainly due to all time great villain Gru and his minions army. Then came along three little orphan girls Margo, Edith and naughtiest ever Anges. But the Despicable Me cosplay primarily centered around minions. Looking at their huge popularity stores were quickly flooded with minions costumes. But we are going to show you a simple DIY way to turn yourself into minions.

All minions fans gather here to learn this simple easy to follow method.

DIY Accessory For Minion Costume

You will need few items to turn yourself into minion. Items are cheap and most likely available in your home

  • Toilet paper roll (full unused toiler roll is better for the hygine per se) Bigger the roll, better the minion you can turn yourself into
  • Tape (duct tape or black tape is better)
  • Scissors
  • Camera – strike your best minion pose and capture in the camera to post on Instagram

Items Needed To Make Minions At Amazon Get items needed to make Minions from eBay


Steps To Turn Yourself Into Minion Using Toilet Paper Roll

Kevin minion has two eyes. Naturally you will need two toilet paper rolls to turn yourself into Kevin. Let your friend become one eyed minion Stuart.

We will first work on Kevin the minion. Tape two toilet paper rolls on your face near eyes. Make sure you can see through the toilet roll. Using black tape, make plus sign. Use the back side of the tape to attach to your face/ head. That way the minions glasses will be formed. Other end of the tape will hold the toilet paper rolls in the position.

Turning yourself into Stuart the minion is easy as it needs just one toilet paper roll. Make sure to either place the roll around your nose so you can see without obstacle or attach near forehead so your eyesight won’t be blocked. If for any reason the toilet paper roll blocks your eyesight, take out some paper and throw in the trash. The lean and thin roll will be perfect to make yourself into Stuart without blocking the vision.

Perfect Instagram Photo Op

Turn Yourself Into Minion

Now that you have become Kevin and Stuart minion duo, make your camera ready. Strike your best minion pose and upload the pictures to Instagram.


DIY Making Minion Goggles At Home

Turn Yourself Into Minion

Loved easy way to turn yourself into minions. If the toiler paper rolls feel heavy to your eyes, this another DIY method will help you get rid of bulky paper rolls.


Items Needed

Turn Yourself Into Minion

Collect easily available items as below

  • Cap of Pasta Sause. (The glass pasts sauce bottle comes with metal lid, we will use this lid to make crafty minions goggles)
  • Cardboard (offer cushion and hold goggles in place. You can also use any soft material that feel comfortable to your eyes)
  • Elastic Strap – to hold the goggles in position around your eyes

Let’s Turn Yourself Into Minions

Items Needed To Make Minions At Amazon Get items needed to make Minions from eBay

Cut a big size hold at the center of the cap. If you have a metal file, clear off any metal vurr or loosely hanging metal pieces from the edges. Make same size hole on the second cap.

Turn Yourself Into Minion

Keep both the caps together and join using glue gun or duct tape. Edges of the caps are generally smooth and won’t hurt your face. But to make the back side of your goggles soft and cushiony, you can use soft material. Make holes on the soft paper matching to the cap and glue them together.

Tada!…Perfect accessories to match perfectly crafted minions costume. Halloween parties here we come.

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