DIY Quill Pen Step By Step Process That Will Revitalize Harry Potter Magic Again | How To Make Your Harry Potter Style Magical Quill Pen

Welcome to another DIY chapter of learning straight to the magical kingdom of Harry Potter and Wizarding world.

Easy and simple process to make your DIY quill pen will surely encourage the writers within you to write something magical using your own dream come true quill pen.

DIY quill pen step

DIY quill pen step by step process that will revitalize Harry Potter magic again. Wondering how to make your Harry Potter style magical quill pen. Reject modernity, use a quill pen on parchment sealed with a stamped self-portrait in burgundy wax. Write something amazing to your friends or beloved ones, probably a long letter, with a quill pen and beautiful paper and let them know how incredible they are.

Sounds mystical and nostalgic. That’s the beauty of this century old writing tool and it hasn’t still lost its charm in the modern era. The quill pen were virtually disappeared from our memory. But then entered J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the magical world at Hogwarts and suddenly the quill pen found its lost charm.

As the Harry Potter series progress, movie after movie the quill pens have started regaining its importance. Writing with the quill pen on a parchment is more like all dream comes true moment. It gave us a sense as if living in the magical world of wizards. If the wizards in Harry Potter movie can write using quill pen, why can’t we. There began the search of how to make your own quill pen or where to buy quill pen and ink set.

Exquisite Quill Pen Started Appearing On The Online Marketplace

DIY quill pen step

Thinking of where to buy the quill pen. Just visit Amazon and you will find many market place options available that can sway your heart. Take this stainless steel with iridium alloy made quill pen, perfectly hand-made. The metal is polished to prevent rust and ensure durability. Whereas it’s lightweight design makes the dip pen comfortable to hold.

A beautiful gift for Christmas. This antique pen set includes a high-grade feather ink pen & liquid feather pen ink. Exquisite design, antique style, every feather quill pen’s fabulous beauty of arts contains the hard work of a craftsman. This calligraphy feather pen is a decent high-grade and meaningful gift for your family and friends in Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, birthday and so on.


History Of Quill Pens

Art of expressing your feelings in writing has a long historical precedence. In the ancient era, the kings and queens have used quill pen and parchment to send messages, love quotes. The love quote from hero to heroine wee usually written using quill pen.

In ancient days when the ball point pens were yet to be discovered, the feather of a large bird and ink made of black wax were the primary writing tools. The ancient parchments written using quill pen can still be found in the museums.

Quill pens were usually made from a primary wing feather of large birds. The long feather offered grip to the fingers whereas the elongated and sharp point served the purpose of writing desired message in a controlled fashion. Basically the flight feather of birds have served as a writing tool.

Exact discovery of quill pen is not known, however evidence suggest that in second century BC, scrolls written using quill pen were found. It took 7th century BC when the quill pens became a phenomenon. St. Isidore of Seville is considered as pioneer of quill pen and its widespread popularity during BC era.

Before discovery of quill pen, fingers and clay were the only writing tools known to mankind.

How To Make Your Own DIY Quill Pen

DIY quill pen step

I am sure you are excited with the idea of making your own quill pen. Here is DIY (do it yourself) step by step recipe. Next few minutes to hour you are going to enjoy journey into BC era where quill pens were the only known writing tools available.

Declaration of Independence, the first formal statement by Americans, was written using quill pen.

You don’t need to be skilled for this fun and easy project. Once you make your first DIY quill pen, we will also show you how easy it is to make paper and a wax stamp sealer completely at home.

Simple Quill Pen

Process is simple. You will need just two things, a flight feather and sharp cutter. Flight feathers are found on the wings of the bird. Tail feather in some species is quite long enough to make the quill pen. You don’t need to go hunting just to get a flight feather. Visit your local Michael’s store or buy online at Amazon. You will find different variety of feather, varying in shape and size.

Any good sized feather that you can hold comfortably will work. The feather in the store come with a point and if your feather has a one, it’s even better.

Using a small knife or cutter, let’s start cleaning the edges around point. You may want to take off end feathers to create a grip.

In the video below, this user has tried a totally different technique. She has given 45° cut at the end. If you look at the tip carefully, it appears similar to the nib.

DIY Quill Pen Method 1

This portion will hold good amount of ink. But if you are not careful, this is a recipe to smug your parchment. Which ever style you choose, make sure it works with your writing style and speed.

DIY Quill Pen Method 2

DIY Quill Pen Method 3

Modern Quill Pen With Rustic Appearance As A Gift

DIY quill pen step

Want to make own awesome quill pen, pack them in a nice gift box and send to your family or friends as Christmas gift. No problem, we can show you exactly how to make them by sitting at home. Bring like minded Harry Potter fans and friends to throw a quill pen party. Friends who would enjoy crafting this project with you are the most important ingredients of our recipe. Once you clear step 1, we can work on collecting other small items.

Or even better, make it as an art and craft project with your kids. This easy and crafty project will be a good family bonding time too.

DIY quill pen step

Few other things you will need to make an awesome quill pen gift set.

Journey into awesomeness – let’s make 10 fabulous gift sets

DIY quill pen step

From the pack of feathers you have purchased earlier, let’s carefully choose and select a good sized flight feather.

If you like you can color your feather. Make sure not to disturb the natural pattern. A spray paint in totally dry climate will just serve the purpose. Using spray gun, you can even form color gradient or mixing more than one colors and apply the coat evenly.

Now that your feather is ready, let’s work on building the writing tool.

Take a natural bamboo skewer. This will the backbone of our project. At one tip will go the nib. Since we are thinking of gifting the quill pen (and mind you, we are going to make atleast 10 gift sets for everyone you can think of gifting this Christmas), glue gun will be helpful. Using glue gun, stick the nib to one end of wooden skewer.

It’s time to decorate grip for the quill pen. The metal beads will form our exquisite grip and also give rustic and magical appearance. After inserting the beads, make sure to glue them together using glue gun.

Finally, we need to bind our colorful feather. If you are thinking of crafting more than one quill pen set, make sure to paint as many feathers as number of gift sets.

Using cutter, take out the point. When you remove the point or tip of the feather, hollow portion opens up. This hollow part can easily roll over the skewer. With little glue, you can firmly seal the feather around the skewer.

DIY quill pen step

Voila, your amazing quill pen is ready. Now its time to pack it in a gift box. Use your imagination on how to pack and decorate the gift set. You can bundle the quill pen with ink and a parchment or keep the quill pen itself alongwith Christmas note. Choice is yours.


Are Quill Pens Truly Magical

In today’s modern world where we talk less and text more, imagine taking out a moment to write something for your soulmate. A true feeling of love straight from your heart to his. No emoji or lengthy texts with XOXO can truly express the passionate desire you posses for your boyfriend.

If you make your own quill pen (okay to buy online) and write a love quote explaining how much you love your boyfriend. Drop the parchment in the mail and see what magic it creates. Once your message is delivered, you will see your boyfriend’s Facebook or Instagram status changing to the picture of parchment you wrote using the quill pen.

Have some spare time and don’t know how to spend it. Try writing something amazing using the quill pen you just made. The act of writing on parchment using quill pen is euphoric and will take you straight to the magical world of Harry Potter. Now you be the wizard and scribe the message in a most magical way.

Sounds fun!.. give a try to make your own DIY quill pen.

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