DIY Lifehack Fill Dental Cavities Yourself At Home

Just like medical and auto expense, Dental expenses can break your wallet.

We are DIY country and know to figure out many things all by ourselves. Checkout DIY lifehack how to fill the dental cavities at home.

DIY lifehack fill dental

Cavities are the side effects of our sugar-infused society. Eating more acidic food or irregular brushing habits is common reason behind dental cavities. If not cured or filled immediately, the cavities can lead to tooth decay and even a complete loss of your precious tooth. Cavities need immediate attention and any ignorance on your part can warrant more expensive treatments like Root Canal or Extraction. Let’s learn the DIY lifehack fill dental cavities yourself at home

DIY lifehack fill dental
We all know a trip to your dentist definitely dent your budget. When pain is acute, you should immediately call and schedule appointment with your dentist. What happens at the dental office or how does the dentist permanently seal the cavities. Zinc oxide eugenol (ZOE) – is the primary material all dentists use to fill the cavities. Once we know the science behind Dentistry, it becomes easy to target the rest of process.
In this article I am going to show how to fill the tooth cavity at home without going to Dentist. Going to dentist not only takes a toll on your wallet, but also a time consuming process; schedule an appointment, waiting at the dental office followed by X-ray. Then comes at large consultation with dentist, basically going over the issues that you already know. After following these steps and spending lot of time then comes your turn to fill the much needed cavity and get some relief. What if you can fill your own tooth cavity at home using simple and cheap ingredients. It’s amazing what you can do with a little DIY know-how.
What you need: Zinc Oxide powder (Amazon Or Walgreens have it), Pure clove oil (eugenol is the stuff you need, so buy good quality clove oil), toothpicks, q-tips, cotton swabs, gauze.

1. Taking Care of Dental Pain

DIY lifehack fill dental

Let’s deep dive into DIY lifehack fill dental cavities yourself. First thing first, let’s target your dental pain. Unless we cure the pain, it won’t be easy for you to focus on the next steps. Use Orajel Maximum Strength Gel Oral Pain Reliever to cure the toothache. Take Orajel on a swab and apply gently around the souring area. It has quite potent analgesics that gives you immediate relief. You can use up to 4 times daily and its completely safe. You can even use it after root canal or newly fitted crown to alleviate the pain.

2. Zinc oxide eugenol (ZOE)

Zinc oxide eugenol (ZOE) is a material created by the combination of zinc oxide and eugenol contained in oil of cloves. An acid-base reaction takes place with the formation of zinc eugenolate chelate. The reaction is catalysed by water and is accelerated by the presence of metal salts. ZOE can be used as a dental filling material or dental cement in dentistry. It is often used in dentistry when the decay is very deep or very close to the nerve or pulp chamber.

DIY lifehack fill dental

Because the tissue inside the tooth, i.e. the pulp, reacts badly to the drilling stimulus (heat and vibration), it frequently becomes severely inflamed and precipitates a condition called acute or chronic pulpitis. This condition usually leads to severe chronic tooth sensitivity or actual toothache and can then only be treated with the removal of the nerve (pulp) called root canal therapy. The placement of a ZOE “temporary” for a few to several days prior to the placement of the final filling can help to sedate the pulp. It is classified as an intermediate restorative material and has anaesthetic and antibacterial properties. It is sometimes used in the management of dental caries as a “temporary filling”.
Use Zinc Oxide Power and mix it with Clove Oil.

The lab quality Non-nano pack of Zinc Oxide Powder is best to use. As it is not micronized; this means the particles of the zinc powder are large enough to sit on the gums and achieve their purpose instead of being absorbed into the blood stream. Take a small quantity of Zinc Oxide powder and mix with the Clove Oil (eugenol)
Clove Oil

For many centuries the Clove Oil is used for the digestive, dental and skin needs. Clove Oil can also be used as a natural analgesic and antiseptic in dentistry for its main ingredient eugenol. It can be a home remedy for dental pain relief, mainly toothache. The Clove Oil can also be used for aromatherapy. Eugenia caryophyllata Aromatherapeutic.
The mix should be thick like putty. Make a tiny ball of this newly formed putty to apply to your tooth

3. Apply the Dental Filling


Carefully dry your tooth. Floss the area around to remove any stuck food particles. Once the tooth is dry enough, use the putty we have created in earlier step to fill the cavity. Use your fingers to press the putty so it should fill the entire cavity. Bite once or twice to make sure you are comfortable. If your bite is not comfortable, press the filling deeper inside or remove excess filling. Your tongue also plays important role in placing the filling properly. Press the filling using your tongue until you are comfortable with your bite.

4. Curing

One the cavity is completely filled, let it settle for few minutes. Floss the area around to remove excess filling. Avoid the food for next couple of hours. The Zinc Oxide and Clove oil cement will cure and offer a string fix. However this fix is temporary in nature and may fall down after few days. You can prolong a dental visit by repeating these steps.

Note: If you tooth is sensitive to hot or cold, it means the tooth has developed Pulpitis and you will need to put a cotton pellet dipped in clove oil or eugenol before placing the temp. If the tooth is throbbing, then you have full blown Pulpitis and it will need a root canal or extraction. An abscess can be fatal and if you know what you are doing, you can do an incise and drain with antibiotic therapy. When you place the filling, be sure it is not too high. In other words when you close, all of your teeth should hit at the same time. If they do not, you have what is called premature contact which can lead to traumatic pulpitis.

A filling can help a person in three ways:

  • It stops food, air, and water from entering the cavity. This will stop
    much discomfort and pain.
  • It stops the decay from growing deeper. This can prevent a tooth abscess.
  • It can help save the tooth, so the person can use it for many more years

If you are looking to permanently fill the cavity,  a more sticky material called glass-ionomer is needed. Amazon has Glass-ionomer dental cement that claim to offer a permanent Dental filling, however I did not use them hence don’t have first hand experience.

DIY lifehack fill dental

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