DIY Easy Hack Will Solve Your Sleep Disorder Issue Using Proven Acupressure Point

Unable to get sleep at night or having trouble falling asleep, you are not alone and many Americans are suffering from insomnia.

Like every problem, there is a solution and it’s a DIY easy hack that will solve your sleeping disorder.


Insomnia is bigger health problem with many Americans suffering from it. Despite trying many remedies and medications, many poor souls still find it difficult to catch peaceful and completely uninterrupted sleep at night. For a healthy living, minimum 6 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary. If you manage to get 8 hours of sleep, the notable effects can be seen on your next morning full of energy and enthusiasm. But what if you are suffering from sleeping disorder, here is DIY easy hack that will solve your insomnia.


What is Behind Sleeping Disorder

How Teenage Girls Can

Your lifestyle and mental stress play important role in your ability to catch quite and peaceful sleep. Stress mind filled with depression and anxiety are enemies and often hinder your ability to get good sleep. Anxiety, stress, and depression are some of the most common causes of chronic insomnia.

Sometimes other medications you are taking can also interfere with your sleeping habits. Hectic travel schedule or international travel can result in acute jet lag, a term referring to completely messing your biological routine.


Home Base Remedy For Sleep Disorder

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Many home based solutions have been proposed on how to fall asleep without issues. The technique are promising and these methods have helped many Americans suffering from insomnia to cure their sleeping disorder upto certain extent. However, these methods are not one fit for all. If you too are suffering from insomnia and having hard time falling asleep, we have published many easy to follow solutions.

Soothing And Satisfying Video Of Coke Bottle Filled With Burning Matchsticks Will Help Your Mind Relax | Watch This Video To End Your Day To Free Up Mind With Stressful Thoughts And A Quiet Sleep


Top 3 DIY Home Based Methods To Fall Asleep Fast

DIY easy hack will

Watch soothing and oddly satisfying videos. It’s a distraction technique, that will break away from the stressful and depressing thoughts. A moment away from day to day thoughts and focusing on completely unrelated topic is best way to relax your mind. This technique or method has been described at length in our another post – Soothing And Satisfying Video Of Coke Bottle Filled With Burning Matchsticks Will Help Your Mind Relax. Watch This Video To End Your Day To Free Up Mind With Stressful Thoughts And A Quiet Sleep

Another method is to listen to mediating and soothing music to ward of depression and anxiety. This method too has been described at length in our blog post –  Easy Method To Listen To Your Inner Soul And Ward Off The Depression Gloom. Think of exploring similar music that plays over hours and thus keep your mind relaxed, a recipe for catching long and peaceful sleep. The music will help your mind to clam and relax as it has helped many others.

Try these options and see which one works best for you. Here is another method in this series, a bit scientific and acupressure based.

DIY Easy Hack Based On Acupressure Point Anmian or Peaceful Sleep Point


Acupressure is a message therapy originated in China. This method is purely based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which believes in “chi” your pressure and energy points that will release the life force energy into action to solve many complex medical issues and medical conditions.

Acupressure Massage is helpful in many ways and proven to be effective in

  • Reliving stress and anxiety
  • Release stress in muscles and joints
  • Remedy acute pain in joints
  • Soothing the discomfort to accident or sport related injuries
  • Best and proven sleep therapy
  • Releasing chronic pain especially in spinal area, shoulder and knee
  • Achieve mental calmness and cure persistent headache
  • Cure digestive issues upto certain extent
  • Promote relaxation and wellness and to treat disease

You can have a hard time sleeping for sure! Acupressure works to relieve energy blockages in the body through the application of pressure on key points along the energy meridians identified by traditional Chinese medicine.

Anmian (An Mian) Point Is Main Pressure Point For Good And Peaceful Sleep

DIY easy hack will

Before we foray into the actual method, it is important to know what Acupressure point helps to fall asleep. Acupressure massage use gentle but firm pressure with the hand, fingers, fist, or a massager.

An Mian or Anmian is the most important point to treat insomnia and sleep disorder issues. Some practitioners also use these points to reduce anxiety, vertigo, and headaches. Anmian in English means “Peaceful Sleep”. Our Anmian point can be found between the ear and the base of the skull, where there’s a slight depression next to a bone called the mastoid process. To locate the Anmian point, slide your finger from behind your ear lobe into the first depression. That’s your An Mian or peaceful sleep point.

You’ll find this pressure point just behind your ear. It’s a soft area just before the point where your neck muscles meet the jaw line.

Using index finger or massager, massage both sides in circular motion. Repeat or try massaging this point atleast 100 times. It’s perfectly normal to have a deep achy feeling that is also relaxing. This acupressure point can be massaged with the thumb or with the index and middle fingers for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Try this Acupressure message therapy before going to bed and see the effect. Many users have reported positive help from this method.


Here is DIY easy hack will solve your Insomnia and sleep disorder issue using proven acupressure point. Watch the video below.


Primary 6 Acupressure Points To Improve Sleeping Habits


Besides An Mian, these other 5 points have also bring positive effect on your sleeping disorder.

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