Disney Quiz Ultimate Collection : All quizzes in one place

Disney Quiz Ultimate Collection : All quizzes in one place

Who is not fan of Disney and the magical world built under this brand. Whether its’ traditional characters such as Cinderella, Belle, Sleeping beauty or recently introduced new line of princess like Rapunzel, Merida, Moana all the way to the world famous frozen Elsa and Anna.

Just as a refresher, Disney recreates its epic magic which is evident if you have watched Aladdin with Will Smith as the new ‘Genie‘ or the Lion King in the amazing real life 3D format. In the same cadre but with subtle variation is offered through Toy Story, The Bugs Life, Wreck it Ralph or Up and many more.

For those who want to look beyond prince and princesses, why not to try Marvels world with Iron man, Captain America, Black Widow. With the addition of Star Wars Disney has now become a one stop window for all kinds of fantasy and entertainment. Agree you are a dire Disney fan who loves the fantasies and magic created by its larger than life characters and theme park. Let’s see how much you really know and most important remember about the Disney movies.

We have built a series of Disney Quizzes as a refresher. If you think you know a lot about Disney, this will be a true test to score 10/10. And for the minds who haven’t explored the Disney world fully, this will be a gateway to check what they already know and what is till missing to watch.

Take these quizzes or should I say the trove of Disney Universe, an ultimate place to find out which Disney character you are, test your Disney trivia knowledge, and even guess the Disney character from the movies. From Disney Princesses to Disney Villains and everything in between, we’ve got all your Disney quiz needs covered.

Format is simple, there will be 10 quizzes (and we are adding many more) with each quiz containing 10 questions. Take these quizzes one by one to check or update your Disney awareness.


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