Devil’s Horn To Full Ring Made Of Pringles Is Best Way To Kill The Time | Use Your Chips Wisely To Make A Perfect Time Killing Machine

The tasty Pringles chips that come in multiple flavors can be used to make a devil’s horn or full ring.

Making devil’s horn using potato chips is good time-pass and sight for the sour eyes.



Ever thought what else can you do with the Pringles potato chips other than pushing these tasty bites down the throat. These chips can become a perfect time pass instrument to spend quality time. Moreover when you attempt the devil’s horn to full ring using Pringles chips, you are adding stuff to your “WoW” treasure chest.

Devil's Horn To Full

Completely DIY task that requires lots of time at hand and patience. Grab your favorite Pringes flavor. Pour the chips on the table and throw your imagination. Try building a small bridge or deck. Once you gain the skills of stacking these potato chips one above the other, next steps are easy.


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Devil’s Horn To Full Ring Made From Potato Chips

The perfectly wedge shaped chips will balance each other and as you continue to add more chips, perfect devil’s horn will emerge.


Devil's Horn To Full

Continue adding even more chips and soon you may end up forming a perfect ring made from Pringles potato chips. Take a good picture of your creativity and post on your Facebook wall. Isn’t this a fancy idea to serve the chips on the party night? Your guests will simply fall in love with creative way of stacking party snacks.


Why Pringles?


Devil's Horn To Full

While these crispy chips sooth your taste buds, it also serve a perfect instrument to kill the time. The entire pack of Pringles offer same sized chips, perfectly suited for such activities. Open any Pringles pack and you will find all chips are of same size and shape. On the contrary take any other snacks brand such as Lays or local grocery store one, the uneven shaped potato chips may taste the same but become completely useless for such projects.

Devil's Horn To Full

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