Day 4 of Quarantine Wine has become my new favorite drink

Day 4 of Quarantine

Day 4 of Quarantine. Wine has become my new favorite drink. We all are in forced quarantine, confined inside our houses. A perfect situation to have booze. Who else other than wine can come to the rescue in this tricky situation.

But before you think of having a booze, show some respect. How about using the shaolin style combined with the bottle cap challenge.

Use your bottle cap opening skills to uncork the wine bottle. Show the respect, earn the respect and enjoy your drink

Watch this funny video on opening wine bottle. When there is nothing much you can do while confined in the house, isolated from the society and maintaining the so called ‘Social Distancing”, be creative and try to find fun in the otherwise normal looking activities. The creator of this video posted hilarious comment “I’ve studied all these years just for this specific technique.”

Presenting Day 4 of Quarantine wine tricks already received 8 million views.

This TikTok video has instantly become popular and currently trending on both TikTok and Twitter. Gaining millions of views and comments, the work from home community is trying to find fun in otherwise boring routine.

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This idea was caught by many. Here is a copycat video created and shared by another user.

Memes for the day

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