Dash Cam Footage Show What Cops In Other Countries Do To The Robbers They Mow Him Down Under The Car

Dash Cam Footage Show

Dash Cam Footage Show What Cops In Other Countries Do To The Robbers They Mow Him Down Under The Car. We have received dramatic dash cam footage showing how the cops can get strict in an attempt to foil the robbery and apprehend robbers. The brute force handling tactics by law enforcement will definitely deter other would be robbers and make them think twice before committing any crime.

A 20 year old guy decided to rob a local pharmacy in the morning. Time was between 8 AM to 9 AM in the morning and looking at his young age, one would think it must have been hangover or search of contraband PTSD medications that brought him to the pharmacy.

While the investigation for the motive for robbery is unknown, any parent with teenage kids would know why these young adults resort to robbing a pharmacy. With a knife at hand, he decided to carry out this great heist. However the pharmacy staff immediately alerted the local police who arrived within few minutes of information.

Dash Cam Footage Show

That is when the rat and mouse show begin. As you can see the gun bearing cops in Tasmania fully surrounded the robber thus limiting his escape route. The robber was lucky that despite wielding the knife, no cops has fired at him. Reading uptill now, you may be thinking that our cops are better as by now his body would have been pierced with bullets. The Tasmania cops were thinking of a different but brutal plan.

“Police asked him for a fair while to put the knife down.”

The incident was captured in a video posted to social media.

Police surrounded the man with their guns drawn, repeatedly ordering him to put the knife down.

Another cop in a SUV approach the robber and try to run over him. Not only once, but several attempts have been made to run the SUV over him.

Dash Cam Footage Show


The cop in the SUV with help from other cops tried to push him in a corner, but seeing that the robber didn’t give up or toss the knife, the SUV finally manage to strike couple of deadly blows tossing him down under the car.

Dash Cam Footage Show

The multiple hits by SUV finally broke his defense and the robber can be seen falling down loosing the drip of the knife. When the robber fell down after repeatedly been hit by the SUV, the cops finally handcuffed him. We don;t know if they wanted to save his life and punish through court, but the justice has been served one way or the other.

If some drifted adult with a knife tries to rob anything or anyone, he deserves anything that can be leveled at him. There is no doubt he was told to drop the knife. He’s lucky they didn’t just smoke him. I’m glad they got the guy but what a circus.

Watch as the Perp is knocked to the ground by a Police Car ! And surrounded by armed cops after he allegedly tried to rob a pharmacy. Watch the dash cam footage show what cops in countries do to the criminals. A dire warning for anyone tried to break the law.


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