Dank Meme Funny People On Plane: When You Interpret Flight Attendants Instructions Own Way

Dank Meme Funny People


Dank Meme Funny People On Plane. When You Interpret Flight Attendants Instructions Own Way. Airport is full of fun and emotions. Fun seeing people scrambling and rushing to the gate when they are late and lots of emotions when you meet your family after a long time.

But what happens when some people take literal meaning out of flight attendant’s instructions or didn’t understand it at all. Dank memes are generated.

Dank Meme Funny People


First day of substitute teacher who is so eager to teach you chemistry. That’s my sub, on his first day at school. So dedicated and passionate.


Dank Meme Funny People

Dank Meme Funny People


This is the best one. So finally Kanye West has scored a whopping 106 points against a team of handicapped children in wheelchairs. Go Kanye go….


Dank Meme Funny People


When construction workers celebrate their boss’s birthday. Such immense dedication to work that they have re-created the real life story on his birthday cake. If you are on this party only one rule to follow, don’t use the scoop, use the bucket of backhoe.

You may be noticing lot of funny things happening around, but many a times forget to capture it in the camera. But there are many others whose nervous system responds faster than others. Results, cameras are drawn to capture those moments. These funny incidents when captured through your camera lenses, associate with a perfect tagline and your dank memes are ready.

I sometimes really marvel how some people are gifted to quickly grab their cameras and start recording these funny moments while I am still scrambling to collect my senses. By the time my confusion whether to grab my camera is over, that moment is gone. Many a times, I am saved by these smart social media users who along side are witnessing those moments with me. So while I couldn’t capture those funny incidents, someone is always there to record it and even post it online. This post is dedicated to all smart social media users who are quick enough to capture funny incidents happening around them and bring to us for sheer fun.

Salute to those healers of the society who spread fun and laughter.

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