Dad Is Mimicking 4D Thrilling Water Ride Experience To His Daughter Is Truly Splendid | Dad’s Homemade Hack To Create 4D Like Scene For His Young Kid

Dad has tried homemade hack to mimic 4D roller coaster ride experience for his daughter

The cute video will surely amaze you.

Dad is mimicking 4D

Dad is mimicking 4D thrilling water ride experience to his daughter is truly splendid. Dad’s homemade hack to create 4D like scene for his young kid has not only worked but gave his daughter a blast.

Granted that you can’t travel outside and your kids may be feeling bored. Despite these or many other restrictions, parents are coming up with novel ideas to bring small changes in their otherwise stagnant life.

If you visit our blog, we have posted a case where both mom and dad have set up a home based restaurant. Had their kids feel the outside dining experiment starting from serving the menu to ordering the food and finally a note cum check to let the kids know how much their parents appreciate being so accommodative despite being unable to play with friends or eat outside.

An idea was born

It started with a simple idea. Seeing how much his daughter love the roller coaster themed water slide, her father wanted to do something about it. Forget about the fact that the parks are closed due to lockdown and quarantine, but her young age won’t make it possible to go on a water slide. After searching internet, this dad came across with ideas how other parents have used hack to simulate roller coaster like feeling (we too have posted earlier a dad’s case where he used baby’s high chair to experience her curvey ride of roller coaster. If you want to read about that experiment, check out “Six Month Old Baby Riding World’s Scariest Roller Coaster Viral Video“)

Taking cues from other parents, he ventured out his own plans.

Given that his daughter is out of high chair age, he opted for a laundry basket. To add 4D effects, a spray filled with water came handy.

Let’s the show begin

Dad is mimicking 4D

Once the stage was set up, the only thing missing was roller coaster themed water slide video. Once the video was put on the big screen, this dad maneuvered the laundry bucket as the roller coaster progress.

Through out journey where water splashing effects were involved, the spray serve the purpose. As you can see this dad single handedly manage to life or move the basket in line with the raft drifting on water slide plus sprinkling water from spray wherever water splashing effects were warranted.

Dad is mimicking 4D

If you have visited Disney, you may quickly notice the Indiana Jones attraction that has thrilling water slide. Its pretty much same as riding on a roller coaster, except here you ride on a raft and the coaster railings are replaced by fast flowing water.

Beauty of this video is the daughter who has actually enjoyed this novel water ride right from her home. Notice how keenly she is watching the water ride without getting diverted by the intermittent spraying of the water. That kid truly into the roller coasters and I am happy to see his dad’s effects were paid off.

The happiness and joy on this little girl’s face is worth taking all the trouble. Kudos to both dad and his young princess.

Watch how this dad is mimicking 4D thrilling water ride experience here


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