Crane Drivers Slam Dunk Will Leave You Speechless | Video Shows How Crane Operators Are Killing Time

Big or small, no job is bad. Once you start loving your job, even otherwise dull looking things can appear bright and useful.

The crane drivers slam dunk will show you how even crane operator can make their life easy and full of entertainment.


Crane drivers slam dunk

Crane drivers slam dunk will leave you speechless. Video shows how crane operators are killing time. Have you seen those big giant cranes employed at construction sites or scrapyard. Ever noticed the the operator inside it who relentlessly work on shifting heavy things from place to place.

Crane operators job is quite boring given the fact that once you board the crane, you are stuck in that closed cabin for many hours. Especially when you work on those giant and tall crane, the track is mostly one way. You claim into your cabin and have to sit there for hours and hours until end of the shift. With the monotonous type of work they do, I would rather look for other jobs than becoming a crane or forklift operator.


Crane Operators Novel Idea To Kill The Time

Crane drivers slam dunk

Here is the story of a crane operator who has found novel way to entertain himself. He decided to practice his basketball skills. You may be thinking a crane operator playing basketball on job, how it’s possible. Well, we will show you just how.

When you become expert in operating the mechanical arm of the crane, why not to use your skills to learn something new. How about practicing the basketball game.

Crane drivers slam dunk

If you are a smart and quick learner as this crane operator, teach yourself how to grab a small object such as basketball using your crane. Once you learn to catch the ball, now learn to toss it by aiming certain spots.

Once you master in both these activities, rest is easy. Now grab the basketball using crane’s mechanical arm and dart towards the basket.

Beauty of this game is, it will not only entertain you, but using exact same movements you can achieve something even the Pros find it difficult : show consistency in the game. Unlike human, with little skill machine can follow exact same steps. How about trying a slam dunk one more time. Prove the well know saying that no job, small or big is bad. If you take interest, the things will surely start appearing rosy.



Well, if you are thinking this is the only way, the crane operators are finding fun, think again. When you love your job, your brain can produce more creative ways to make your work life happy.

When the day is busy and the clock is running against you. But when your coworker on the ground is busy texting his friends than focusing on work. This crane operator has learnt a way to grab attention of his coworker. The skillful hands that can operate the crane’s mechanical arm can also employ these skills to tap on the colleague who has diverted from the work.

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