Crack The Egg in 10 seconds Hack. 4 Million views Already

Crack The Egg in 10 seconds Hack

What seemed to be a simple life hack soon swelled into a top trending boom. Concept was very simple, how to crack a boiled in in 10 seconds or under. The video posted by Rex showing an easy egg breaking trick has already made 4 millions views and counting.

After watching this lifehack, if you too are feeling that you were doing it wrong so far in the life then you are not alone. Many folks have shared the same feelings but hey, we are happy to know something that can be so simple. Right ?

Easy, simple and just 10 seconds long video on how to peel a boiled egg has taken Twitter by storm. It’s amazing to see the egg peeling hack has been receiving a lot of attention on the social platform. The video, displays a technique that would allow people to peel a boiled egg cleanly and within seconds.

Process is simple, place the boiled egg inside a cup, then fill the glass with cold water. Hold the opening of the cup and shake firmly. Just under 10 seconds and whoa ! the egg will pop out of the shell, easy peasy.

As a caution, this trick works well only with boiled egg (hard boiled is okay), don’t try it on raw egg as you may be become successful only to see that the shell and yoke are mixed together making the egg useless.

Isn’t that eggcellent! Let us know in comments what do you guys think about this trending video. Also do not forget to give a try and share you experience.

Remember, the pineapple peeling hack that has taken twitter and facebook by strom, here is the Garlic peeling version.

If you don’t know what the pineapple peeling was, here is a refresher. The women showed an easy trick (I still don’t know how could she manage it) to peel the pineapple using bare fingers. I was totally blown away

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